Current Obsession: COCONUT OIL!

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24 thoughts on “Current Obsession: COCONUT OIL!

  • DanaxFace

    I’ve been using coconut oil for years! It’s amazing. I put some in my morning smoothie and on my face at night. For hair, I use it on my length and ends every night before braiding and sleeping on it. I try to stretch washes as long as possible so I only end up washing my hair once or twice a week. If I know I’ll be taking a? shower the next day I’ll add waaaaay more oil than normal and apply it to the scalp as well.

  • Deseonfire

    Coconut oil is actually unhealthy to eat because it is high is saturated fat and has117 calories? and 13.6 g fat in 1 tbsp, so when you put it in your smoothies you’re actually making them unhealthy.


    I just? started using cocnut oil also as an ALL OVER moisturizer. . . . . .. how ’bout I just spilled the WHOLE JAR just a few hours ago. SMDH!!!!!!!!!!

  • msxtine79

    I’m using Coconut oil? for two years now. It has lots of benefits for your body, both external and internal.When taken internally,it can cure Alzheimer’s Disease, HIV and cancer, Diabetes,maintain cholesterol levels, increased immunity, increase metabolism which promotes weight loss and so much more! Externally, can cure eczema, other skin & hair benefits. I take 2-3 tbsp of Coconut oil/day, and apply it from head to toe. The benefits of this oil can be attributed to the presence of lauric acid..

  • candygirl0406

    Wal-Mart carries Spectrum Organic Coconut oil for $6.42. So that sounds pretty? reasonable. I was worried it was going to be waaay more expensive. Like emu oil.

  • msxtine79

    Lauric acid has antimicrobial, antioxidant, antifungal, antibacterial properties…=) Coconut Oil? is awesome!

  • msxtine79

    I take it directly from spoon =) youll get use? to it in time,? but you can mix it with oatmeal, tea or whatever food or drink you want. Btw, it’s usually solid at room temp, but converts into liquid at 76 Fdegrees. =)

  • nymphrenic

    I discovered coconut oil several months ago, it’s really great quick fix for clearing up those little bumps (congested pores) on my skin. I just slather it on and all those bumps go away without any more help? in 6-12 hours.
    It’s also a great substitute for Crisco in muffins and biscuits, it creates the same desirable texture in those baked foods that Crisco does. Use unscented Coconut oil in cooking, vegatable oil isn’t completely unscented, but unscented coconut oil is free of any scent.

  • cmch1503XD

    im gonna buy coconut oil because of you and andreas choice who aldo did a har mask with coconut? oil 🙂 <3333 love judy

  • berrybellajoy

    I wrote this on Nature’s Knockout vid too but…I use it as a makeup remover. I use it as cooking oil and I use it on my toast (which you can leave as is) and sprinkle chia seeds on? it….so yummy and quick!

  • danibeaarful

    My family & I use coconut oil for? tummy aches! Just rub it on & the magic happens. (: I think it’s a Filipino thing?

  • mynameskiwi

    This? comment seems like it’s out of nowhere, but that’s actually a very important piece of info for people to know! You may get weird responses, but kudos for making this known!

  • johnedeeper

    I tried it before. It also told you that make my hair healthy and soft.
    Mix? with olive oil, castor oil and sesame oil. Unpleasant smell, but it wonderful and useful.
    P.s my hair is coarse & curly.

  • akire602

    I have naturally curly hair and for a whole week i have been wearing my hair curly and using just coconut oil to style it. It makes it shiny and bouncy, very light and takes care of the frizz….and because my hair is curly, it doesn’t look oily…I have seen that it has improved the condition of my hair…i don’t see as many split ends…i don’t think? this would work for straight hair, but you can always do a hair mask and rinse out.

  • dsouzasangeetha

    Yeah.. M an Indian and we always use coconut oil on hair,skin and food.. It just works wonders.. It was used by? our ancestors and we still folllow it.. 🙂

  • TheSonugal

    Im from southern india & we all massage our scalp, hair before washing our hair each n every time. It keeps the scalp n hair moisturized.. Doesn’t make it greasy at all . Leave it on hair over night n wash in the morning. We try not to use chemicals? as much as possible 🙂

  • LifeOJ

    I have been using coconut oil as a cooking oil for a while and it’s amazing!! I used to use olive oil for cooking but I found out that it become easy to stay in your body as toxic one it go though heat. And coconut oil doesn’t do that so that’s great! I haven’t tried using coconut oil on my hair but I can so imagine working great! I also? use coconut oil as tanning oil or lotion when I wanna get nice tan at the beach! Smells very tropical and also it gave me a nice tan!! I LOVE COCONUT OIL!

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