8 thoughts on “Curried Pumpkin Soup w/ Coconut Milk pt2

  • MeWantFoodNow

    i think this needs a whole jar of agave nectar because everything is better sweeter

  • 2Eli4

    I think it’s a good recipe but you should make it simpler coz these ingredients are not very easy to find… anyway overall i think it’s good. can i use shredded coconut instead of coconut milk? and when should i add it?

  • rustlecompton

    from most baking sections at a grocery store
    Also if need be you can simmer shredded coconut and strain the hell out of it in order to make your own – Laos Style –
    Or better yet add shredded coconut and see how it turns out! 8)
    Let me know how it goes

  • 2Eli4

    thanks for your reply! i made this soup yesterday and, even though i omitted few of the ingredients (here in italy are not so easy to find :(….), it turned out amazing… I’ve never tasted a soup this good in my whole life!!!!
    I put the shredded coconut to soak for just a minute in a tiny tiny bit of milk and added both the coconut and milk at the very end.
    I will definitely make it again… and again and again! I love it!
    Thanx a lot for the recipe!

  • carolyn3842

    the sound cuts out just before the carrots are added so I can’t tell what you are doing when the carrots are added– did you add soy sauce then? How much soy sauce did you add? Thank you- love your cooking vids!

  • cammicty

    @2Eli4 Wow you can find these ingredients anywhere, possibly if you live somewhere like Montana, where there are not to many other Cultures, but any large city, take yourself to any Asian store, and get everything you need.

  • cammicty

    LOL, I have so many pumpkins in my house presently. I Love pumpkin soup and I make so many different types of Soup, as well as breads, etc. Thanks for sharing, although, I already make so many different types of Curry Soups, this was nice as well.
    In your soup, add while you cook it 3 Kaffir Lime Leaves, and break them in half. Don’t forget to strain them out before you Blend! Then your soup becomes a Thai favorite.

  • anelphabet

    i don’t toast my spices. it embellishes them. sorta and having the spices raw just makes them taste cartoonist and delicious. i prefer that way plus you boil them mto get rid of mold

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