19 thoughts on “Curry chicken with coconut milk

  • jocelynandjosh

    That’s a version I haven’t tried. I will give it a try, I love the vegetables in it. Great idea! thank you.

  • wolfydan121

    looks lovely! i love how you call us viewers dear friends! you make my day, and i can tell you are a very kind person!

  • luvthatmechanicguy

    hahah I liked the video. I am going to start to experiment more with different kinds of foods .. thank you

  • chefcommons

    Nice work, we liked your video very much so we embedded it on ChefCommons . com w/ link back and reference to Youtube. (Let us know if you don’t wish for it to be featured)

  • HLEleanor

    The recipe looks delicious, and I like the way you do your video. Especially where you call us “dear friend”. Very, very nice work. Thank you!

  • wojiaokatya

    I am totally making this for this weekend’s festive supper!!!
    After seeing your vegetable stew video I remembered how well curries turn out and how simple they are to make. My kids love it – we also made rice, mixture of white and red – was delicious
    Thank you Haying for the inspiration!


  • userconfine

    thanks for inviting me to dinner. my very great of friends. take care… Good food and very good company. thank god people like u still exist…

  • yanghaiying

    Yes. I agree. The problem is that whatever size of pan I use, I always end up overloading. lol
    What’s wrong with ginger? How will it burn?

  • SmallSojourner

    This looks very delicious, colorful, yummy, and very well presented and I like the way you show the cooking process close up and clear to see, and good instructions. Shalom

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