David Wolfe on Coconuts! – Sunfood Nutrition Raw Superfoods

World Nutrition Authority, David Wolfe, explains all about the amazing health benefits of coconut! To learn more about coconut and superfoods, visit www.sunfood.com

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    26 thoughts on “David Wolfe on Coconuts! – Sunfood Nutrition Raw Superfoods

    • rawkinrawmama

      Where do you find these coconuts in CA? I can only find the brown hairy ones and baby thai…which we love.

    • truthenabler7

      Raw milk is certainly better for you than raw chocolate. I think David misses the boat there. Chocolate screws up your digestion but fermented milk actually helps it. All civilizations have existed on some form of animal protein. There has never been a vegan civilizatio and there are no vegans who live past 100 years.

    • DameonWolfDemon

      There are NO vegans who live past 100 years? When people make statements like that, I immediately realize they are either biased, or lying probably both. I say that because for you too take over 25 billion people who have lived on this earth for as long as recorded human history and say NO vegan has lived passed 100 years. That’s…well that’s obviously incorrect. I guarantee you, there are at least 10 exceptions to that ignorant statement you just made.

    • 4evasugarfree

      I buy the Thai coconuts in the supermarket(thats all thats available in Australia)are they not good for you? What is the difference.I hope the’re not high sugar!

    • stedyplotn

      Yes there are, they just don’t exactly SEEM 100. They don’t look/sound/etc like the sicky 100 yr olds with canes and wrinkly skin and nasty gray hairs. They don’t look grotesque 🙂 that’s why you don’t notice them.

      D. W. actually SELLS raw choco, but not raw milk:).

      There has also never been a peaceful civilization, we’re all striving for these things dudo.

    • Mongodelight

      NATURE will punish your dumb ass. come on… drinking MOTHER´s milk is for babys and kids up to the age of 5, you re an adult now , grow up!

    • Mongodelight

      COCO nut water with raw coco powder + honey blended in ice cold = watch out thats the best drink in the world!

    • Mongodelight

      one day i ll climb on a coconut tree, get a coco, jump down on the beach sand and drink the coconut water while watching the sun rising. Haha

    • trustbaby7

      And you have the nerve to call me dumb after your juvenile statement? Why is it that raw fooders find it perfectly acceptable to insult anyone who disagrees with them. I think you call this immaturity, childishness and extreme fanaticism. Seems you have a lot more growing up to do than I ever will.

    • JuicyRawLove

      they’re way high in sugar. bred especially to be sugary soz ppl like them more. duno how much u kno about hybrid foods. high sugar, low nutrients. =)

    • angelbe88

      I wish I had my very own coconut tree along with some mango, bananas, pineapple, goji, and cacao.

    • forestskog

      Hey come to Thailand Im staying here since 9 months cant get enough of it (pic on my homepage). Live on Koh Samui Island you get EVERY single fruit mangosteen, mago, cut rgight off the treest I mean like 3 hrs before and everything is so cheap u don’t even notice the cost. I dont even know the price of mangosteens just buy them at the market & so cheap I just flip a few thai bills at them & thats it. U can rent a bungalow RIGHT on the beach for 110 USD/month all inclusive

    • jjacks6

      Is the coconut water you buy in health food stores ( like the brand One) considered the good kind of coconut water? I love that stuff.

    • generatrix999

      …no. Each and every wild seed tastes different, even from the same stalk.

      The GMO hybrids are more consistent taste wise and used in the cans.

    • suziesmoothie

      it is the breast milk of mother earth…..its so YUM! (: Im going to open 1 today…. coco – loco nutty(:

    • rawsomechef

      David is the One Magical Man – Knowledge Network for raw food, and general state of the art health and nutrition.

      Rawsome – as ever!

    • ANYONEMusiC

      MY friend Jenny courtney spent a week with dave and his cronies.. she is 19. she was shocked when they hit her up for 20,000 bucks to undergo “the program”.. then after she was flabergasted to see him down a tub of icecream, the cronies revealed that his fave food is LASAGNA !!! they also revealed that his product ORMIS (90 bucks per bottle) does nothing what-so-ever!!!! THESE ARE FACTS! eat well, love nature, love your brother, and boycott this cunt… like we have.

    • PrincessFancyBitch

      @generatrix999 I thought buying a case of young thai coconuts was so healthy.. its GMO?!!!! wtf! please advise on how to get non GMO coconuts!

    • jbcRacing

      better watchout standin under them, more people die from falling coconuts a year than shark attacks!

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