David Wolfe on Young Coconuts

www.superfoodhealthyliving.com Taking Coconut Oil with omega 3 fatty acids can increase the uptake of both types of oils (fats). Coconut Oil can also assist, when taken with medium-chain omega 3’s, the conversion of medium chain omega 3’s (such as in flax and hempseed) to long-chain omega 3’s (what we need for our brain and what is found in fish oil). You can include Coconut Oil in your diet, or put Coconut Oil on your teeth to clean off bacteria. Coconut Oil can also be used topically. Our skin consists mostly (60+%) of saturated fat and therefore Coconut Oil contains fats rarely found in high enough quantities in skin creams. High Point, North Carolina Irvine, California Hamilton, Victoria Peru, Lima, City Fresno, California Liverpool, Australia Lowell, Massachusetts Fremont, California Miami, Florida Burundi, Bujumbura www.superfoodhealthyliving.com

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