Holistic health expert and Bodylove founder Ingrid Arna, interviews author and nutrition guru David Wolfe about food, mood, anti-ageing, the energy of love, the pleasure and health benefits of eating as a self love ritual, coconut oil for lots of yummy and sexy uses and his LONGEVITY NOW program. Ingrid is on a mission to empower women to get off poisonous diets forever by learning how to nourish the body with healing food to create rocking health and happiness. In this dynamic conversation, David presents powerful nutritional information so you can live the best life ever. Be sure to watch the FEEL GOOD SHOW weekly at www.mybodyloveblog.com This is part two of THE FEEL GOOD Show series. Check out Part One Here: bit.ly Find out more about David Wolfe’s Australian tour at: bit.ly FREE: Get a FREE health history today by emailing, limited time until end of MARCH 2011. Ingrid@mybodylove.com FACEBOOK: Please head to Facebook to engage in the Bodylove conversation at username INGRID ARNA. Ingrid would love to support your wellness journey so make sure to ask questions! For Ingrid’s private coaching mind body weight loss program and upcoming seminars with Ingrid please email ingrid@mybodylove.com TWITTER: BODYLOVEROCKS Check out David’s books: Eating For Beauty – amzn.to Naked Chocolate – amzn.to The Sunfood Diet Success System – amzn.to Superfoods – amzn.to Also David’s amazing sacred chocolate can be found at: bit.ly

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    9 thoughts on “David Wolfe: THE VIBRATION OF FOOD, SELF LOVE, SEX & COCONUT OIL

    • lusterwings

      What is it that seems to stop people from switching to raw foods? I like the concept, the science of it, and the truth about it;’s healing power, but I wish this standard american diet would let go of it’s grip over lives. I am fighting the good fight, and don’t win every battle, but I would like to make that change.

    • tycrx85

      in your book “the sunfood diet” Mr. Wolfe you say that it is negative karma eating seeds, and you can balance the karma by sowing seeds. one eats many seeds eaing gojit berries? Any thoughts? peace man

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