Day 1/Part 1 – Coconut Oil & Weight Loss

I have decided to incorporate pure organic 100%virgin cold pressed coconut oil in my daily internal and skin/hair routine and will be tracking my progress on a daily basis. I will be sharing everything I am eating and whatever I end up doing with my skin and hair, and what I use. This is Day 1, Part 1. I promise all future videos will be less than 10 mins.

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    3 thoughts on “Day 1/Part 1 – Coconut Oil & Weight Loss

    • vida130

      I love coconut oil for moisturizing my skin and in my hair. I am also trying to lose weight and incorporate coconut oil daily. If you find any good tasty recipes please share! Good luck to you on your journey

    • jumpinjedi123

      this could have been good, but you drag and drag and drag. who cares abou tthe firest 3 minutes. what happened! i will walk away and come back later to see what u say around 7 minutes. you are alikable but u are giving junk info.

    • happyheartoflove

      i love your video!!! …thanks for taking the time to post and share with us your journey and experience with coconut oil. You are so real!!! Thanks for being so real…it is refreshing. And i just loved your plug for JESUS and your willingness to share your shine with HIM and give HIM all the glory….with Him all things are possible AMEN!! i so enjoyed learning about the coconut oil…i am going to watch part 2 and the rest of them right now! Stay real & keep posting & may God always bless u!

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