Day 3 – Liquid Diet Weight Loss Continues!

Here I am on day 3 and still in the land of the living, and in fact feeling a lot better. Watch the video to find out how I did with my weight loss and walking and to get an overview of where I am at overall

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    3 thoughts on “Day 3 – Liquid Diet Weight Loss Continues!

    • suffocating0silence

      I’ve been doing a bit of research so that me and my mom can do a juice fast right, and your videos have been a huge help so far. 🙂 What has been your favorite recipe for a good drink?

    • overwhelmingtraffic

      @suffocating0silence thanks for dropping by. I am glad my videos have helped out. Watch my day 40 video where I show you my favorite juice and actually show you how I make it…. Enjoy!

    • suffocating0silence

      I haven’t gotten that far in your videos yet, but I’ll definitely take some notes on that video. 🙂

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