Day 6 – Weight Loss Is Getting Serious

Here I am again feeling happy energized and grateful for everything that is happening. Today’s videos gives you an update on my weight loss, and I look at the lemon cleanse diet and how this juice fast plan might be able to kill two birds with the one stone. I then discuss some amazing Wheatgrass benefits which are cool (even if it tastes nasty). Not content to end it there I even bring to the table some information about coconut oil weight loss (who would have figured) and then a mini rant of how low fat in packaging does not mean it’s good for you.

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    6 thoughts on “Day 6 – Weight Loss Is Getting Serious

    • mGaUuRiL

      First of all congratulations on your weight loss and keep up the excellent work!! Today’s day 1 for me and it was ok. The tough part came after my workout. I was so hungry and I couldn’t juice fast enough. thought I was gonna pass out.. lesson learned don’t do high impact aerobics on day 1. I was looking for guidance & stumbled upon your blog. I hope you don’t mind, I’d like to follow you during your journey.. since you’re ahead of me I can look up to you for motivation and inspiration!

    • overwhelmingtraffic

      Appreciate your post, well done on starting. Yes by all means do follow along, I am happy to hep you any way I can! It does get easier over time so hang in there!

    • SanAntonioguy2004

      Awesome, I’m at the end of day 2. Felt a bit weak and needed to take a 3.5 hour nap, got up and drank a juice and feel ok again.

    • overwhelmingtraffic

      @SanAntonioguy2004 Great work, congratulations on your progress. the first few days are the hardest and trust me it gets a lot lot better :). It’s completely normal to be tired, and sleeping is a good way to get through it. Keep it up! How long are you planning to go for ?

    • SanAntonioguy2004

      @overwhelmingtraffic I’m not sure how long I will go yet. Going to take it by days of 10. I would ideally like to go 60.

    • overwhelmingtraffic

      @SanAntonioguy2004 Ahh ok sounds good, good luck with it again and I am sure you will do well!

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