Deep Condition Long Hair with Olive Oil – Use as a Hot Oil Treatment Too!

To purchase a YouTips4U Custom Designed T-Shirt, please click here: For more helpful tips, or if you have any questions, please visit Hi, tune in to this video to get my latest stock tip and hair care tip for how to condition your long hair and keeping it shiny and healthy and beautiful using olive oil. Please Subscribe because I have so much more to come that I think you will find very helpful. Your comments are always appreciated!! Thanks for viewing.

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    25 thoughts on “Deep Condition Long Hair with Olive Oil – Use as a Hot Oil Treatment Too!

    • pinkxvenom

      your arms are impressive. what exercise do you do?

      and this tip is great! i’ve been growing my hair for like two years, and i love how it looks and the endless styling possibilities, but even with heat protection, the curling irons and flat irons dry it out. i’m definitely trying this out :]

    • YouTips4U

      Hi, thanks so much for your very kind compliment. I weight lift and do push ups regularly.

      I’m so glad you liked my video :o)

    • Marcy315

      I tried this tip the other night, put olive oil on my hair before bed and left it all night!
      My hair was so soft, shiny and amazing the next day after I washed it! Thank you for the great tip for my extra long hair!

    • YouTips4U

      Hi, you are so welcome! I’m so glad you liked it. Thanks so much for sharing your terrific feedback :o)

    • nessie4oc

      Hi there,
      It is me Vanessa 🙂
      I wanted to ask a question related about
      the type of oil you have. So I was reading
      on a label cause I had bought kind of an exact bottle you have. It is dark green like it was said,
      but it does come from several places Like it says here: From Spain, Italy, Greece and you think this will be a problem?

    • YouTips4U

      Hi Vanessa, it’s fine for conditioning your hair, but in the future, for consuming as a food, I would recommend Olive Oil from Italy. You can also purchase it in the can as well. The can protects the oil very well from light.

    • peachez1124

      hi my name is ana, i use alot of hair spray and moose, and i straighten my hair once in a while….if i use dis treatment will it work for me?…cuz i have dry and really weak ends!…i really want to try it though…please let me know…thanks!

    • YouTips4U

      Hi, you should absolutely try it. I think you will love how your hair feels afterward. It’s such a wonderful natural conditioning treatment.

    • yeeeyeeeyeeeh

      hi there, i´ve got a question
      what if you have short / medium hair? does it really matter if the olive oil comes on your sculp?

    • YouTips4U

      Hi, it won’t hurt your scalp, but it can cause your hair to be flat and weighed down and you may need to wash it a few times with shampoo to remove the excess oil. Since our scalps produce their own perfect oil adding to it may cause greasiness. Excessive shampooing can cause dry hair and scalp and undo the good thing you are trying to do.

    • shortypie8311

      I love your hair but me being african american it seems so hard to get that type of length

    • strawberry91091

      how do you make your own hot oil. Just cooking the oil or what? I’m sorry I’m interested but not very good at this thanks for your video! Love ur hair!

    • YouTips4U

      Hi, place some oil in a microwave safe bowl and heat it until it’s warm enough, but not too hot that it burns your skin. Then using a spoon place it into your hands and spread it on your hair. Or you can poor it into a sandwich bag, seal it, make a small cut in the bottom corner and drizzle it on our hair and smooth through.

    • muskndusk

      In my experience sunflower oil absorbs into the hair better than olive oil which seems to “sit” on the hair.

    • pinkhotchoco

      You’re so cute! Thank you for htis, I did a hot oil treatment on my elbow length hair turned out shiny and very very soft=]

    • Monkeyfrayer

      hey! I love using olive and coconut oil and while researching them i found an interesting article. A scientist named raymond francis did studies showing how olive oil be buy is not the real deal. Same w coconut. I really highly suggest you google him and look up his articles on olive and coconut oil PLEASE . I now will only order his oils. Please let me know what you thought about his articles! Hope i helped one more person!

    • Monkeyfrayer

      they call it one of the biggest food frauds in the twentieth century! Youtube raymond francis olive oil!

    • Monkeyfrayer

      although i think you said you use nutiva coconut oil which should be the organic real stuff but for sure check out his olive oil posts!

    • YouTips4U

      Hi, I have to disagree in that I do think it is possible to buy good quality olive oil and avoid those that are mixed from different countries. I always buy 100% Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil in a dark bottle or can to preserve nutrients and I feel confident that I am getting a good product. I do prefer Olive Oil from Italy.

    • YouTips4U

      Hi, I absolutely love Nutiva Coconut Oil and have used it for a few years now. It’s Certified Organic, cold-pressed and unrefined. I really love it and I trust this brand very much. I’m sure there are other good brands out there too, I really like this one.


      I have the most organic olive oil as can be,
      my grandmother from Italy makes it herself from olives from in her garden!

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