7 thoughts on “Deep Conditioner With Castor Oil and Coconut Oil

  • mslazelle

    U know I do the same thing, except I use ev-coconut oil, I put it in my hair, put on plastic cap, put on nylon cap; I leave it on all night, then I get up in the mornng, wash my hair, blow dry, style. I only do this 2x a week. I love it; it makes my hair soooo soft and manageable. Keep the videos coming.

  • japanatheart89

    what was the name of the oil you use in your hair? Is it really expensive, and do I have to go to and African market to find some?
    Your hair is gorgeous, and congratulations on your stretch!
    Are you going to relax again? or are you going natural.
    I’m almost a year post, and I have about 4-6 inches of new growth.
    I’m trying to grow out ALL of my relaxer, any suggestions for keeping the stretch going?


    @japanatheart89 I used jamaican black castor oil and extra virgin coconut oil. No neither one of them is expensive. The coconut oil is about $10 or so depending on where you buy it from and the castor oil is about $8. Thanks for the compliments. I’m not sure if I’m going to relax or if I want to go natural I’m undecided. For your stretch just make sure you keep the new growth moisturize, wear protective styles, and be gentle with detangling.

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