6 thoughts on “Deep Conditioning with Coconut Oil

  • mzjbeauty

    =D i find when i use extra virgin olive oil or any type of oil my hair stays really oily do you find that with your hair? keep ya vids coming they’re great =D

  • munajinx

    @mzjbeauty yes my hair is oily after applying the coconut oil.but i do shampoo the next day.i don’t leave it in my hair for a long time.

  • wcallisa22

    i love vatika coconut oil its has no mineral oil, its new and improved, i can add a ton of oil to my hair and it soaks it up in the day

  • 20pearlsNcurls

    Coconut oil has ALWAYS been a staple of mine. I’m never without it. LOL! I add peppermint oil to mine too. They are great for scalp massages. Great vid!

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