Deep Conditioning with Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Here are a couple of Blogs stating how great coconut oil is for the hair, also you can google “the benefits of coconut oil for hair” for more helpful articles and blogs! I ordered my Nutiva Extra Virgin Coconut Oil from

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    25 thoughts on “Deep Conditioning with Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

    • AngeleAlAahnaAn

      love the video tell me Nina if the coconut oil is hard can i heat it in something and do the same thing… how often should i use this .. this is great..thanks

    • ninapruitt

      Thank you! Don’t drench your hair…it’s a waste of product…try not to use more than a 1/2 oz for Dcing…I do this weekly. I also moisturize and LIGHTLY seal my hair daily with coconut oil. To melt it….I will scoop some in applicator bottle and sit the bottle in hot water to warm the oil, then I will apply it to my hair and scalp.

    • ninapruitt

      Thank you, I do this treatment weekly. To melt it….I will scoop some in applicator bottle and sit the bottle in a cup of hot water to warm the oil, then I will apply it to my hair and scalp.

    • AngeleAlAahnaAn

      thanks got back from church just in time… i forgot to tell you i use cayenne when i was doing the olive oil and coconut oil mix in my hair can i still use it. thanks

    • AngeleAlAahnaAn

      it simulates hair growth same as the others..NOTE: don’t get the cayenne pepper in your eyes its very dangers…. I was putting my mixtures on my hair and will wash it in the morning.

    • toopoohoo

      Your hair is so beautiful and your video is so informative. I love your technique. I have coconut oil on my hair right now as I’m typing.

    • 11111111111fdwfs0000

      Man probs should have dat i mean WOMAN im luving all the sisters be droping on condition on hair the great Yo im all y’all number on subscribes.

      just like before & in the future always can rely on the Sisters Much love.

      Peace God

    • Melle145

      Hi Nina!
      Im currently apart of the CO hairlista challenge and its great! Once the challenge is over I do want to continue with the CO treatments but I want to do more. I was thinking of mixing a moisture based Conditioner with the CO. Then let that sit then proceed to shampoo, moisturize, seal and so on. What conditioners do you recommend to mix with CO for a good DC treatment or does the brand really matter? Thanks!

    • ninapruitt

      I like a moisturizing conditioners like Herbal Essences Hello Hydration & Suave Humectant….but the brand really doesn’t matter.

    • Melle145

      Yeah Herbal Essences is awesome! It seems with mixing oil with the moisturizing conditioner I wouldn’t need to wash with shampoo afterward. I could just rinse it out then do my leave in , moisturize, seal and style! Yeah I think I may do that and lay off the shampoo for a while and see how that works for my hair. I may just do a clarify once a month then that’s it for the shampoo. Your videos are awesome and your the cutest thing ever! Keep the videos coming, they are great and helped me a lot!!

    • luvglam1

      This is my first time on your channel and i must say you give really great helpful tuts and reviews.. my question for you is… have you ever tried the PROFECTIV MEGA GROWTH hair products. thanks

    • bomeladi

      I’m currently using Profectiv mega growth as a moisturizer. It smells great, contains so many natural oils, and has no mineral oil. I love it!

    • hottken08

      Is it true that the coconut oil makes your hair hard when you go outside. I also get really bad dandruff does it help with that also. Thanks

    • TRENZ2

      I just tried oiling my hair with coconut and my hair is sooo soft. I’m currently natural, I don’t know about permed hair. But I really love this stuff.

    • Kaytube19

      that you so much for sharing this information! all along i though coconut oil was a protein oil and with my hair being natural, i assumed it was in my best interest to stay away from it to avoid protein overload. Now i understand why women with relaxed and natural hair apparently love coconut oil : – )

      P.S. those articles were really informative and your hair looks absolutely fabulous!

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