Deep Conditioning with Organic Coconut Oil

Here is a short video of me doing a organic coconut oil deep condition (DC) before I shampoo my hair twice and then condition my hair. After I was done with the DC I sat with a processing cap on my head for a few hours. Sometimes I just sit under a hooded dryer for 30-45 mins (whatever works best for you). The track playing: Erykah Badu – On & On My wide tooth comb by Goody can be found at any drug store, super market or department store. The coconut oil I used is called Omega Nutrition certified organic coconut oil and I found it in the organic foods isle at my local grocery store. Whole food stores are a great place to find it too or you can always GOOGLE IT! The paddle brush I used is by Scalpmaster and can be found here: I found my processing cap (another name for plastic grocery bag of shower cap… LOL) at Sally’s (you know what it is) The dye bottle I have came from the drug store but they can be found at Sally’s too. Sally’s has cuter ones though. Also visit me at http + Talk to you soon XOXO

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    7 thoughts on “Deep Conditioning with Organic Coconut Oil

    • Afrykah21

      I deep condition (DC) before I shampoo my hair. When I’m done with the DC I shampoo my hair twice, one focused at my roots/scalp and the other to cleanse. Then I just use my regular conditioner rinse and style regularly.. as a matter of fact the video I did about styling my hair from curly to straight was done right after this one… check it out!

    • mosobadd

      Ok I’ve been lookin for EVCO every since I watched this video. I want to try this DC treatment but I cant find it!! Where did you get it?!

    • Afrykah21

      I bought my coconut oil in the organic food isle in my local grocery store. They also sell it at whole food stores. I’ve noticed that a lot of girls use a brand called nutiva and they normally buy it on amazon… I’m going to send a link to your inbox 🙂

    • yahirwao

      This was a nice video girl!… Actually I’m doing the same thing now but i I’m using a warm towel insted of the cap I guess it’s basically the same!

    • Afrykah21

      Thank you!!!

      Yup! there are few ways to promote the coconut oil to do it’s thing! aren’t you loving it though??

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