DEMO: As I am Coconut Cowash and Shea Moisture Purification Masque

Hi Guys! Today I will be comparing the As I Am Coconut Co -Wash with SheaMoisture’s Purification Masque. I am a huge fan of both products and I feel that bot…

25 thoughts on “DEMO: As I am Coconut Cowash and Shea Moisture Purification Masque

  • clash1995

    I started using the As I am cleansing pudding and the Shea Moisture Deep
    Treatment Masque and there products are amazing. I was looking for the
    cowash in SAllys and they were sold out so I tried the cleansing pudding.
    It makes mine and my daughters hair so soft and healthy. Love it! Thanks
    for all your tips. I am trying to go natural and these products are
    helping me so far. Thank you so much for these videos.?

  • Chassidy S

    i used one product of as i am and my scalp got irritated. it was the leave idk about as i am any more?

  • Minesto Lsq

    Hello, been watching your videos for a while now and I come from watching
    how you made milk maid twists. I saw the length of your hair and freaked
    out! Could you by any chance share on how you got it soooo long . Thanks?

  • Karisma Frazier

    I put my as i am in a old aussie 3 munute miracle bottle lol its the best
    and doesnt leak out?

  • Anna Joi

    Funny, I actually brought both of these last week at Sally’s (the shea
    moisture masque I had been wanting to try for a while now). I was actually
    revisiting the Coconut cowash since I hadn’t used it in almost a year and
    it’s as amazing as it was before. The purification masque is great too!
    Both leave the hair feeling soft, cleansed and definitely clean. 🙂 ?

  • Michelle Howard-Smith

    I traded in the As I Am Cowash for the Eden Bodyworks Cowash. I love it
    even more but yeah I keep spilling it in the shower too! I’m going to put
    it in an applicator bottle going forward.

    I love the Purification Mask to prepoo and finger detangle. The slip is

  • Keisha Byonie

    I use the As I am Co-wash!! Is this the only As I am Product you used? For
    me, it has.:-) ?

  • patrice barbara

    I love your videos thanks you really helped me on my journey. Coconut co
    wash has been my favorite anything else has felt stripping I transferred
    mine to a pump bottle. I also use their leave in (as I am). Also pretty
    good. ?

  • Sharon Black

    I use & like both products very much. I especially love live love Shea
    Moisture’s Purification Masque.?

  • Dana Blanchard

    Love ur video im gonna try these products and let u kno what my opinion is
    on these. Now what do u dry ur hair with? Or do u even dry it?

  • Dana Blanchard

    I tried the cowash jus today and I love it thank u for suggesting it to ppl
    that subscribe to ur page.?

  • lovespink2012

    I just love the As I Am Coconut Cowash! As I Am really has some great
    products. I am currently transitioning and I just did a review on As I Am
    CocoShea Whip on my channel.?


    I LOVE as i am conditioner, i did a vid on it when i was detangling my hair
    a few months ago and the slip was amazing!! The details about it at the
    back of the bottle is what sold it to me 😀 Your hair looks great!! And
    Shea Mositure purification masque is my staple for a few years now, my hair
    can’t live without it. My hair is ridiculously smooth with it! I use that
    one once a month :)?

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