Detangling natural hair, benefits of coconut oil and shedding

Just a short tutorial on how to detangle your beautiful natural afro hair. A brief mention on the benefits of coconut oil. How to recognise shedding versus breakage.

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    18 thoughts on “Detangling natural hair, benefits of coconut oil and shedding

    • GooGoo32

      coconut oil is one of the only 3 oils that actually penetrate the hair shaft. My guess is that is smooths the cuticles and allows slip better for combing. I use it in my shea butter mixture.

    • 4Nappiness4eva

      I made my own protein deep conditioner today and next time I’m going to add phytokeratin, so I’ll possibly make the first natural conditioner with keratin in it!

    • abdeeturt

      Virgin Coconut oil is better and on offer currently at holland and Barett usually £11.99 now £6.99.

    • CelineCarey

      I don’t think there is a 4c hair texture, only 4a and 4b and you look like a solid 4a to me. Anyway, thanks for this vid. I am newly natural and I think the way I have been combing and detangling my hair has been doing more harm than good. I am going to take your advice from this vid and see how it benefits me. A lot of your lingo is very LHCF. Are you a member by chance??? Come help a sista out in the “Newly Natural” thread LOL! 🙂

    • NaturallyNubian

      @CelineCarey thanks for the comments….I definately think my hair is 4c…you want to try combing it! lol! I was on LHCF for about 1 or 2 months then for some reason my account was closed and I didnt bother to investigate why. I will have a look at the thread…..but feel free to ask any questions on my YT page as I normally check this regularly. You have to be so careful when detangling your hair…This is where we lose length by breaking the hair when trying to comb it.

    • kinoni86

      @CelineCarey I have to agree with celinecarey. If u have 4c then i must have a 4g type of hair. lol

    • Averil07111

      hi natnub… when I detangle mine I twist after each detangled section and that really helps to keep the knotting down… Love watching you…

    • NaturallyNubian

      @Averil07111 I tried this and it took me a while…I am so lazy! You are right to do it this way as it helps prevent further tangling. When my hair gets longer I will have to do the same!!!

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