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Differences Between Extra Virgin and RDB Coconut Oils Bruce, what is the difference between virgin coconut oil, extra virgin coconut oil and just plain coconut oil. Dr. Bruce Fife: Well, basically, there are two different types of coconut oil. There’s the virgin coconut oil and the regular, or the RBD, coconut oil. RBD stands for Refined, Bleached and Deodorized. So, the virgin coconut oil has minimal processing and is as close to nature as the manufacturers can make it. And some oils are considered extra virgin. They’re taking after the olive oil industry. And it just—they do this to indicate that it’s least amount of processing possible. But there’s no technical difference between virgin and extra virgin. RAENA MORGAN: Okay. And regular coconut oil? DR. BRUCE FIFE: And the regular coconut oil would be the refined, the bleached coconut oil. So, it’s had more refining to it. More things have been removed. RAENA MORGAN: And so, it loses some of its value? DR. BRUCE FIFE: It loses its flavor. It loses the coconut taste. So, it’s pretty—a bland tasting neutral type oil. But the oil itself is still healthy. RAENA MORGAN: So, for someone who was afraid of the coconut taste, probably just getting plain coconut oil, not the virgin. DR. BRUCE FIFE: Yes. If people just don’t like coconut flavoring, then the more refined coconut oil would be better for them. RAENA MORGAN: Okay, thanks, Bruce. Thanks for explaining that. Publish by: Minh Thanh – (+84) 909680877 E-mail: suckhoe365.vn

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