Different Ways To Use Coconut Oil In Your Diet & Body Care, Ep223

Today I go over different ways to use Coconut Oil, in food & cooking, as well as skin care & dental care. To buy Coconut Oil, USA: tinyurl.com Canada:tinyurl.com To buy ToothSoap: tinyurl.com FREE Juices & Smoothies Recipe eBook: www.rawradianthealth.com Health & Wellness Coaching http 10-Day Juice Fasting Program: tinyurl.com Acne Program: tinyurl.com Website: www.rawradianthealth.com Blog www.rawradianthealth.com Facebook: tinyurl.com Twitter: twitter.com Donations: tinyurl.com To learn more about the Raw Food Diet and individual, group or donation based coaching to lose weight, have more energy and get healthy, go to: www.rawradianthealth.com

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    20 thoughts on “Different Ways To Use Coconut Oil In Your Diet & Body Care, Ep223

    • makeupbynumbers

      my toothpaste has coconut oil in it and my teeth feel super clean after I use it . I also use the coconut oil after my shower as body and face moisturizer and I really love it. great video!

    • Born2sing28

      Hi Natasha! Luv ur vids! I tried organic coconut oil on my skin as a moisturizer/sunscreen recently and I got burned pretty bad, is that because it wasn’t “extra virgin” or what? I’d really appreciate it if you could reply, thanks 🙂

    • MadelynWithRawFood

      can you do a juice fast and work out? I do a triathlon class and would love to juice with you guys, but I am scared I wouldn’t have the energy.

    • Klassyish

      Just brought my first jar of Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil. Thanks for the heads up! Looking forward to using it as toothpaste and hair oil.

    • Avrilxxxmac

      I use it on my face every day now and do not need to buy expensive creams, anymore.. It’s fantastic. for dry skin. I also use it on my hands, also. And of course I also add it to green smoothies on an occasion.

    • Avrilxxxmac

      I never thought to use coconut oil for oil pulling! Yes, I’ll try this and most definately for my sensitive teeth!

    • Sheepy89

      I love that you gave the example of using coconut oil on toast. I am not even close to 100% raw, but I really appreciate all your info and suggestions and I like that you are not super narrow minded and provide lots and lots of ideas.

    • absolutblue

      I was just googling on different ways to use coconut oil yesterday and I see your video today. Thanks.

    • diamondjazzy16

      I have been using a jar of organic coconut oil as makeup remover… Ive had it for four months though…does it expire or go bad after a while?

    • erttgf874

      Hi Natasha!

      I was just wondering, what are your views on olive oil?

      I am vegan and I consume soooo so so much organic Australian grown extra virgin olive oil, I always wonder what your views are on olive oil because olive oil is my life lol 🙂

    • loudlouisa


      I watched this yesterday and then ran into a woman today that said she LIVES for coconut oil. She said she uses it for almost everything and even runs it through her hair the night before she shampoos. What I thought was most amazing, however, is that she said she has a very old cat that started to lose the hair on its ears so she started massaging the oil into the ears on her pet and within a couple of weeks, the hair grew back! I was simply amazed and thought I would share. 🙂

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