DIY Homemade Deep Conditioner for Protein Sensitive Natural Hair – Coconut Milk

A WORD ABOUT PROTEIN SENSITIVITY: If you’re protein sensitive, please remember to test a small hidden patch first before committing to the entire head. It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution,…

25 thoughts on “DIY Homemade Deep Conditioner for Protein Sensitive Natural Hair – Coconut Milk

  • Naptural85

    My NEW favorite homemade DIY deep conditioner!! Shout-outs to all the
    protein-sensitive ladies! *what-what* New Upload! #NaturalHair <3 DIY
    Homemade Deep Conditioner for Protein Sensitive Natural Hair XoXo!! <3 ?

  • Naptural85

    Hey Guys!! You’ll know you’re protein sensitive if your hair feels dry,
    brittle, or is broken after applying a protein-rich product or deep
    conditioner! For example, my DIY Mayo and Greek Yogurt DCs are SUPER
    protein-rich. My hair likes that and feels stronger and healthier after
    application. Someone with a protein sensitivity is going to feel the
    opposite: lots of damage, dull strands, straw-like texture, etc… If you
    haven’t experienced this already and you’ve used a protein-rich product,
    it’s likely you don’t have a protein sensitivity! XoXo! <3 ?

  • LoveGTV

    Mine came out really watery, couldn’t find coconut milk as thick. Still
    used it though. Waiting to see the results in the AM! Lol.?

  • Viktor Vaughn

    Saw the blendtec logo and automatically assumed that you were just going to
    throw the entire jar of Aloe into it; I’ve watched well too much Will It

  • Detra Payne

    Your hair is gorgeous and I appreciate seeing where you started from to
    where you are today. I have 4C locked hair. I love my locks but often dream
    of cutting them off and going what I call fro natural. I am not sure how my
    hair will react if I do this, it is very fine, soft with tight curls. It
    loves and needs lots of moisture (love your moisture suggestions and ran
    out to get the aloe vera water and some lavender) to sprits in my hair
    daily. I want to thicken my hair any suggestions or videos you have about
    doing that with my type of hair??

  • Lorraine Alberto

    Hi guys,
    help please if you tried this out..
    What if you dont have the aloe juice ? & coconut oil ?
    With what do you blend the banana ??

  • Lola Agulerzi

    Hey so I have natural straight very long hair it’s very thick kinda like
    yours thick anyways it’s hard for me to find the right conditioner because
    I feel my hair dry any recondition on conditioner anyways I hope This works
    on my hair please no rude comments 🙂 ?

  • Dana Miller

    I never thought of just applying deep conditioner to my hair, rinsing, and
    styling if I didn’t need to co-wash that week. I may need to start doing
    this more often. The middle of my head is a lot coarser and drier than the
    rest of my hair! I suspect it is from a henna treatment from a few months
    ago, but since deep conditioning with heat, it is so soft. Can’t wait to
    try this recipe! I always have bananas and coconut milk in my house :)?

  • Shamekia Davis

    I so LOVE your hair!! I also appreciate the fact that you are on youtube
    showing different techniques and products to promote hair growth I’m so
    loving your techniques!! I love ALL your videos! Thank You so much! I just
    can’t wait for my hair to grow do you have any growth videos?

  • meanmama78

    I made this and used it in my daughter’s hair, but with 1 cup of aloe vera
    juice it seemed way too liquid. Instead of being a thick cream to spread on
    the hair, it was like milk that dripped off, all over the place. It
    doesn’t look like you use that much in the video…maybe a half cup. ?

  • Trinity Glover

    Thanks! Seems like everything has protein in it. Even my deep conditioners
    make my hair dry and brittle and that’s not right lol. I need moisture and
    lots of it. Will have to give this a try!?

  • Carpe Diem

    Hey this is a great DIY! Although it took me a couple of tries. It was
    really watery . Then I realize I had to refrigerate the coconut milk to get
    a thicker consistency ?

  • Kimberly Letash

    Hey I have a question . I have mixed hair and it’s been through alot.I
    bleached it,colored it , cut it ,bleached it , keratin treatment, dyed it
    black,cut it ,sew in,relaxer immediatly after a sew in .All of this in less
    than 3 months and now Its short and damaged and breking and thining scalp.
    I started taking very good care but It is soo horribly weak i m scared it
    can can break off just when I tie it in a low ponytail.Anyway I was advised
    to do crochet braided hairstyle to get my head to look decent .Do u think
    it will allow my hair to grow and wont irritate my scalp ? also how much
    stress will it cause on my hair because even though I m takign care of it ,
    the cornrows might be a bad idea , or not ??

  • marquelle evans

    Your styling tips are really helpful where do you get your hair products
    from to make your homaid products??

  • Janeica Hance

    Thank you for this video, I have been definitely struggling with my hair. I
    used to perm it all the time, and one day decided to chop it all off and I
    discovered I have beautiful curly hair. Now I’m just trying to learn how to
    manage it. Love your Youtube channel. Thank you for sharing.?

  • rbynfnty

    Thank YOU for this conditioner. It was really amazing I am protein
    sensitive with lo-po hair but this worked. The only thing my hair has ever
    absorbed or gotten moisturised by (yes not even water has been moisturising
    my hair, that;s how resistant it has been). I shampooed my hair and did not
    really condition after using this deep conditioner because my hair was
    dirty beforehand and for THREE days my hair is still moisturised! My hair
    has never been moisturised more than minutes before, so thank you again! 😀
    Also thanks for the test patch advice too.?

  • Lkp546

    +Naptural85 Hello love ur vids :)….I was just wondering did you taste dis
    mixture? I asked bc all the stuff you mixed is edible and i was
    wondering have you tasted it and if so how did it taste?

  • Jayda M

    Hi naptural85, my question is how do you know if your hair is protein
    sensitive, I have been natural for 1 year and 8 months and I have tried
    everything and I can never get a successful twist out with body and shine.
    Do you have any suggestions, and thank you so much for your videos they
    really are inspirational. ?

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