DIY Whipped Coconut Oil Treatment for Dry Natural Hair

Here’s a super easy and affordable Do It Yourself Pre-Poo Treatment for dry natural hair! Coconut Oil is great because it has been proven to actually penetra…

25 thoughts on “DIY Whipped Coconut Oil Treatment for Dry Natural Hair

  • Michelle Howard-Smith

    great video. If you want a quick coconut oil pre-poo treatment try straight
    coconut milk from the can. Awesome-sauce!?

  • SheAnatural B

    I love shea butter and coconut butter blended together, they have so many
    wonderful benefits! I usually add olive and jojoba but my new current
    favorite is Baobab oil.?

  • NaturalLuxeDiva

    I love the consistency of the Whipped /cocoanut. I will definitely try
    this out. I just made some whipped Shea Butter mix and it is amazing.
    Your hair turned out as beautiful as you are. Thanks for sharing and have
    a blessed week. xoxo?

  • MsInaa

    i love it , i will def try this because i have been a natural now for about
    a year and my hair is so dry ;( its very frustuating ! thank you ?

  • FusionofCultures

    Great video India ….. i whip coconut oil for my body butter but never
    thought about using the whip in my hair for some reason. Just use the
    actual oil, will be trying xoxo ?

  • RainyJenks

    I would love to do this! I’m a little worried about though about storage.
    Does this return to a whipped texture after melting? It’s bound to happen
    since I don’t keep my ac running all day. ?


    luv coconut oil. I use it in the shower to hydrate and seal my hair.
    sometimes that’s all use. Oil water baking and baking soda.?

  • Charee Mason

    I never thought to use coconut as a pre-poo treatment for hair! I use olive
    oil for a pre-poo treatment. I love coconut oil! Thanks for the video, I’m
    definiately going to try this one!!!!!!?

  • MrsLegalDiva

    I’m definitely going to try this on my hair and skin. Thanks for the video.
    I’m a new subbie too.?

  • Keenya Williams

    All types of awesomeness!!! Great idea, I’ve always whipped it into my
    other kitchen concoctions but not by itself! I will be trying this soon. ?

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