Does anyone have a good chicken recipe using coconut milk?

I have 2 cans of coconut milk and wasn’t sure what to do with it. I figured it would go good with chicken. Does anyone have any recipes? I also have 1 can of cream of coconut – not sure what the difference between the two are exactly, but some ideas would be great! Thanks!

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    One thought on “Does anyone have a good chicken recipe using coconut milk?

    • AstroCreep

      cream of coconut is thicker and sweeter and coconut milk is more liquid and has a subtle coconut flavor. a good recipe for coconut milk and chicken is curry. They have these golden curry "blocks" at the grocery store, it looks like a thick bar of chocolate and you just break off a piece, dissolve it in coconut milk and you have a instant curry sauce. you can bring the sauce to a boil and cube up the chicken and cook it that way or you can saute the chicken and pour the sauce over it. either way its easy and it taste great! Another thing you can do is use the coconut cream, mixed with one egg and some flour and you can dip strips of chicken into the batter and fry them. hope this helps you!

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