Does Coconut Oil Cure Alzheimer’s?

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24 thoughts on “Does Coconut Oil Cure Alzheimer’s?

  • fanan uchiha

    ive trolled a bit of your video list and i didnt find enything about royal gely,im almost shuving a spun full of it down me:)yes my writing sucks?

  • PamelaViktoria

    I eat a couple coconuts a week. I actually don’t eat any oils, because they seem to go rancid so quick. Interesting that you like coconut for your skin. It makes me break out? in zits. But my skin loves organic olive oil.

  • Sidney Boudro

    So Coconut oil was? never studied and you already have an opinion. Because some things that or made from coconut oil don’t work in Alzheimer.
    You had better find out what an experiment is before voicing an opinion on an experiment that has not been made yet.
    But the thing I smell here is that a patent medicine cane not be made so the drug companies cannot make huge profits from something that is cheap today.

  • HewingEnterprise

    Absolutely right!
    I *KNOW* Coconut oil works because after hearing about it I? gave some to my mother and she has improved greatly!!!. It’s awesome stuff, no doubt about it

  • Sidney Boudro

    This video talks about another drug that doesn’t work and disparages coconut oil as if they had tried coconut oil. When they finished beating around the bush the bush was plowed up.?

  • HewingEnterprise

    If this guy was once putting out genuine information he’s not doing it anymore. I smell a big fat brown envelope?. Why go to all the trouble of trying to discredit something that is natural?. It’s not a product that can be patented like GMO poison. And? it is proven to have helped a great many people. This vid smells of big pharma propaganda. Oh how I hate shills and sell outs

  • PamelaViktoria

    It’s possible. I haven’t used it for at least 4 years because? it has tripled in price. Right now, I am doing the 30 day vegan challenge. I ordered a special priced coconut oil that I will put on flax/carrot dehydrated crackers. I think I crave dairy for the fat. I’m going to see if coconut oil satisfies that craving. I think we need to test oils to see what they do for us. My skin hated olive oil, but loves organic olive oil. I didn’t even think of that until someone suggested it. 4ever learning

  • PamelaViktoria

    I’ve been told there’s no such? think as exported organic coconuts because they dip them in an anti-fungal. Do coconuts mold quickly? Anyone know?

  • HewingEnterprise

    When you are losing your mind; memory; emotions,? family, friends, money, home, and face the iminent prospect of living at the mercy of unknown strangers in a care home, lets see how fast you reach for the coconut oil and how much less? cocky bullshit you type. LOL

  • vishnudestroyer

    Nobody (serious) has ever that coconut oil cures alzheimer’s. There have been claims that a certain fraction of MCT oil (found in low? concentrations in coconut oil) may help to prevent or reduce in the symptoms of mild dementia. As far late stage Alzheimer’s, few would argue that reversal at that point is possible.

  • jskrepak

    Guys like this disgust me. Real people are getting real results and yet the scoff at they notion that anything? that isn’t produced by the drug industry will do any good.

  • clusterification1

    Oh yes Alzheimer’s association would LOVE to have a cure for the disease they pimp to? earn their livings. Why else would they slam it?

    Yes big pharmas chemicals are the only solution, their track record is flawless

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