Does Coconut Oil give food a slight coconut flavour?

I am considering using coconut oil instead of sunflower oil for a recipe. I am hoping that it will give the product (rice milk) a hint of coconut flavour.

Also; is coconut oil a "healthy" or "unhealthy" oil compared with the alternatives..?
It has to be ‘melted’ before it can be used, right? My coconut oil is hard in the bottle!

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    One thought on “Does Coconut Oil give food a slight coconut flavour?

    • mixcon

      Coconut oil is so good for you. It can protect against heart disease, help with digestion and help the immune system. Its one of the only oils in the world that stays good for you when its heated. Millions of Asians use it daily and they have the lowest rate of heart disease in the world. I use it also as a moisturiser on my face and hair because its natural – no toxic chemicals. I’ve started using it for all my cooking, even frying eggs, baking cakes etc. I even give it to my dogs.
      Do yourself a favour and check out the link below. Its really good!

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