Dr. Newport’s effective work on memory loss and Alzheimer’s with coconut oil- Part VI

Visit www.OrganicCoconutOil.info for more on the use of coconut oil….Dr. Theodore VanItalie of Harvard and Columbia University: My view of the ketone ester story is that—- if the results in human subjects bear out the findings in laboratory animals—- they could well be the major advance in nutrition in the 21st century.”

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    10 thoughts on “Dr. Newport’s effective work on memory loss and Alzheimer’s with coconut oil- Part VI

    • maxc246

      This is a fantastic video set. Thanks for posting it. I can’t say I’m surprised by the results. I’ve been studying the theories of insulin and brain function for a few years now. Some are even calling it “type 3 diabetes.” I think it’s important to note that, along with coconut oil, you’d probably get even better results by implementing a ketogenic (low carb) diet so as to improve the existing insulin receptor problem.

    • CoasterCloud

      Thanks a whole lot for these videos. I had heard that coconut oil had so many benefits, it’s just amazing. But recently I’ve had a re-awakening, and I want to make Coconut Oil and normal part of our diet. God Bless.

    • ratiocinativeness

      I’m a healthy 23 yr old guy and I add about 2 tbsp of coconut oil into my morning smoothies (along with raw cacao which is raw chocolate), and I definitely think that coconut helps my mental performance… maybe physical too. I hope this coconut product gets approved by the FDA! Furthermore, cacao (which is raw chocolate) is another food that is powerful like coconut in improving brain and total body health and I hope more attention gets drawn to it like coconut!

    • innagottavita

      i had a toothache and my gums were swollen. i started doing “oil pulling” with coconut oil. i dont get anymore infections and my gums look healthy.

    • bulljeanne

      This is a great example of how most if not all diseases are caused by nutritional deficiency. And the world governments want to radiate our food and make it virtually void of nutritional value. They want to stop the sale of supplements…. Congress only had children’s best interests at heart when they refused to pass a bill banning BPA from being used in baby bottles and sippy cups and plastic used for bottled water. I am glad to see people getting the word out on how to save yourself.

    • shadowofechoes1

      @bulljeane All diseases are caused by an imbalance of nutrients. Every one of them can be traced to a specific nutrient deficiency, imbalance, or in some severe cases, a complete lack of an essential nutrient in the human bloodstream. Here’s something else that you may find alarming: cholesterol lowering statins like Plavix, et. al, have only been around since 2004 – the same year researchers first learned how to measure the amount of cholesterol in the bloodstream. Interesting?

    • jeannamilner

      OMG … they are giving premature babies SOY??? I was unaware of that. I’m glad I’ve watched this video.

    • jeannamilner

      @innagottavita … I also use it for oil pulling and I also was using it for my thyroid. I was unaware of its benefits for my mental cognition. I am going to start using it more often (regular) and use more of it.

    • jeannamilner

      @ratiocinativeness … I’m just hoping people see the benefits of coconut oil. And I hope this at least gets them to research it further so they can choose a good quality product.

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