Dr Robert Cassar discusses The ‘Life Giving’ Super Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil: Why is it special? This video explains the Super Positive benifits of Coconuts as a part of your diet. Coconuts are considered a SUPER food . I …

24 thoughts on “Dr Robert Cassar discusses The ‘Life Giving’ Super Benefits of Coconut Oil

  • Soroush Haidarzadah

    Hi Dr Cassar

    If we wanted to learn more? about this lifestyle are there any recommended sources we look at like books etc

    thanks 🙂

  • Mises500

    Dr. Cassar,

    I just discovered you a little while ago, and now I’m going through all of? your videos, I love them, and you are one VITAL dude…quick question, during the hot summer (and even when it’s not so hot), should coconut oil, as well as other oils in my shelf, be refrigerated. It seems like only yesterday that my coconut oil was freezing solid.

    If the answer is ‘yes’ to that refrigeration question, hopefully my oil that has been in the heat hasn’t been damaged though.

  • Mangelaar

    Tooth paste,.. hair conditioner, facial creme,.. deodorant,.. i use coconut oil for everything lol. Best oil in? the world. Peace !

  • pwwka999

    its fine at temp below 50C (120f) be? sure its out of the light (if in clear container) and air tight

  • Thenoblenerds

    Coconut oil is anti parasitic, anti fungal, and the best one of all and most people don’t know this but it’s? anti government !

  • PrincessAloeVera

    Hi. I put a bunch of? different samples of fresh coconut water on pH paper and it tested acid. And yet everyone says they are alkaline. Is this the same situation as in fresh lemon juice, where it’s acid until it is metabolized in the body?

  • PrincessAloeVera

    ps i live in Hawaii and so many people are saying they are being tested allegic to coconut meat and coconut water. There’s that Blood Type Diet guy too, who says everyone has a major problem digesting coconut . I DON:T want this to be true! Can? anyone shed some light on this for me? I’m not sure i should eat a bunch of cocos or not. SOmetimes it seems to agree with me, and sometimes not.

  • Betzaida Alsindawi

    Is there a way I can write to ask u some questions? :(? I really need to make a change, urgently!

  • MyReflection75

    I have herd that the mature brown coconuts have a? laxative effect but the green young ones don’t.

  • PrincessAloeVera

    hmm.. yes that may be true. The oil, I guess, in the mature brown ones is probably responsible for that. Coconut is a rare exception to other fruits/nuts in that it is easier? to digest in it’s “immature” (green) stage.

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