Eden Body Works COCONUT SHEA PUDDING SOUFFLÉ – Product Review Natural Hair

Eden Body Works COCONUT SHEA PUDDING SOUFFLÉ – Product Review on Natural Hair **Please note: Do you research on the RDA for the amount of calcium needed, and…

25 thoughts on “Eden Body Works COCONUT SHEA PUDDING SOUFFLÉ – Product Review Natural Hair

  • Pretti Uneekhair

    Eden Bodyworks SHEA PUDDING SOUFFLÉ for natural hair,have you tried it?
    This is my review of the product?

  • HappyKeepin ItNappy

    Your hair looks fab. Sorry the product flaked. Ughhh hate that! Like you
    said, then you have you have start the whole routine again.
    Biotin does wonders for my nails.?

  • tenekqua1

    Great video! I am sorry that is did so much build up in your hair. I have
    the Curl defining Creme that I used during the summer and it worked on my
    wash and gos well. I have had the souffle and now I am a little nervous to
    try it LOL… Thank you for the head’s up..?

  • LaMonicaD

    Lol “ride or die chick products”. I so can’t wait to meet you in April. You
    are strong to just throw it away. I’m one of those that’s always giving
    second chances and trying to make them work. I’d have so much more room if
    I did that. ?

  • IamMama Daye

    Darn I love their deep Conditioner but white residue kills me it drives me
    insane!! Me can’t do milk either!!?

  • DivaDeb

    Sloping off your hair. Now that is so strange. I wonder why that happened.
    You know my nails go through cycle just like my hair. Right now they are
    breaking left and right. Get if left and right lol. Anywho thanks for the
    review. I have that product so it will be interesting to see how it works
    on my hair. ?

  • Ty Crable

    Thank you Pretti! I love that I’ve grown so close to you all. I’ve tried
    the soufflé and did a review on it. It didn’t work for me because that was
    the time my hair hated aloe. It left my hair feeling very very dry BUT it
    gave me a bomb twist out. All I had was a sample so I never purchased it.
    Very nice and thorough review. ?

  • Adrienne M

    This product did the exact same thing to me. My hair was snowing flakes
    the next day. Every time I ran my hand through it, there was a shower of
    white flakes! No exaggeration! The almost full jar is sitting under my
    sink, waiting for an opportunity to give it away.?

  • Regina C

    I agree with you. I did not have positive results with Eden’s products. I
    found them almost sticky or very heavy although my hair likes creamy
    products. I am reluctant to try new products also for the same reason. Who
    has time for do overs because a product doesn’t work in your hair??

  • jackofalltrades82

    Thanks for the info. I know I need some calcium and I agree with the
    acetone comment….I am always changing my polish so I know that attributes
    to the problem. ?

  • GaDiva769

    It flaked badly on my daughter’s hair too. Also if it is mixed with their
    leave in, more flakes. Not sure why it flakes so badly.?

  • marquita83

    ooo no caky!! smh i dont like products like that no bueno smh, i know what
    you mean when i product dont work you wasted time money lol i get so upset
    lol i havent used that product, nice your nails look healthy!! happy new
    yr!! :)?

  • Divalishous Starr

    I cannot really see the flakes Ms. Uneek. Your hair is beautiful but
    please do not use it again, because I do not want you to have the feeling
    of wanting to kill somebody. lol?


    Thanks for this review! Maybe it could be mixed with something else to
    work… never mind you threw it away. lol?

  • Kendra Kronikles

    Glad you did this review. I thought about getting this, but you know how I
    feel about buying these Natural “Products”. ?

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