15 thoughts on “Edens Secret – Love Spell Soap with Coconut Milk

  • expertonmyself

    these remind me of the seasonal, chocolate covered graham crackers/cookies with bits of candy cane or peppermint candy? on top. yum…

  • shellbyrd1

    I love the look too! And it pretty! Using milk in soap is very nice and you can tell because the milk fat add to the richness and creaminess of the soap! So have fun playing with milk! I freeze mine because if you add it straight with lye it will burn it ! I know you know this but I? just want to remind you! HA

  • EdensSecret1

    Hi shell, I couldn’t believe? how it felt on my fingers, I did put a lot in there though, I’m thinking maybe too much, I’ll try a little less next time. Loving your new soaps too, I always will.

  • EdensSecret1

    Respond? to this video…Thanks christina, as you know I’m loving yours, you are flying girl.

  • EdensSecret1

    I’ve never seen or heard of those, I’ll? have to check em out online. they sound YUM>

  • EdensSecret1

    I watched it back and I know exactly what you mean now, child abuse is very real, and needs to be talked about, so that people who are not aware of how much it happens,? happens.

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