EOS Visibly Soft Coconut Milk & Vanilla Mint Lip Balm Review!

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25 thoughts on “EOS Visibly Soft Coconut Milk & Vanilla Mint Lip Balm Review!

  • Jennifer_Duran_89

    I agree I’ve been over EOS as well, sometimes it feels like I have to keep
    going over and over my lips to get product on them.?

  • Claire Schaffer

    I can’t get over how cute your hair looks! When i first tried the EOS lip
    balms i thought that they were amazing but now i feel like they are kind of
    waxy. But the mint one is still my favorite and I’ve gone through 4 of them?

  • Oreofe Bello

    It’d sad to hear u didn’t enjoy your eos normally when u do lip products
    reviews u r impressed and u r excited to get another one! I’m gonna watch
    another review of this eos and c if people feel the same way 🙂 ?


    All of the EOS have a weird smell after opening. They are not my favorite
    anymore. I think I like your Lypsyl and Revo much better. I threw out an
    EOS today just because of the smell.?

  • ReginaTheQueen82

    I think for the month of September they are on sale 2 for $6 or 1 for $3.50
    at Ulta. I also seen them at Target near all the Chapsticks in the cold &
    flu section in the pharmacy. I also have a lip balm addiction :)?

  • Ella Chris

    I think you might’ve gotten a bad one because I love the coconut; to me it
    smells like light creamy coconut with a hint of pineapple. ?

  • Sara Jones

    I love coconut smells they are my absolute favorite but I was very unhappy
    with the smell of the coconut one. It smells like you described
    it….spoiled. My fav is the vanilla mint. The one I have smells a little
    sweeter than my sweet mint but they are almost identical. I’m not crazy
    about the formula on the eos balms anymore I just buy them to look at them
    I think lol. Great review! Thanks 🙂 ?

  • MyMajor101

    I honestly wasn’t that impressed by these. Only thing I liked what was
    packaging. Vanilla mint is ok (I was hoping it would have a stronger milk
    scent) but coconut milk is…blah. ?

  • NikkiDee14

    I don’t blame you for being over EOS. I tried two of the original EOS balms
    when they first hit the market and everyone went bonkers over them, and
    I’ve never liked them. I didn’t like the scents that I purchased, and they
    weren’t very hydrating. Good luck using up your collection!?

  • Qianqian zhang

    Hollie , how can you use all that lip balms??! I love lip products too, but
    it’s really bothering me that I think even I stop buying now, my lip sticks
    still last till I die….that’s how many I have….?

  • Sydney Caradonna

    Honestly I loved the coconut milk one but I really didn’t like the vanilla
    mint. Lol am I the only one????? Keep doing what ur doing girl ur amazing
    ilysm???????????? ?

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