Essential Depot Haul with Essential soap… they got Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

See me open the box of the wonderful soaping supplies i got from Essential Depot… THEY NOW HAVE ORGANIC EXTRA VIRGIN COCONUT OIL…. YEA!!!!!!!!!!! Corners…

25 thoughts on “Essential Depot Haul with Essential soap… they got Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

  • EssentialSoap

    See me open the box of the wonderful soaping supplies i got from Essential

  • Deb Weston

    I had to stop the video and thank you for making this before I go on. I
    will feel the same way when my Essential Depot order come. 20 pounds of
    lye! 10 NaOH & 10 KOH. I had so many experimental bars I had to give them
    away! Now I’m on a liquid soap binge! I’m just finishing up my 4th batch.
    Tomorrow is another liquid soap and a 60% shea butter bar I created and
    will be testing. You inspire me so much.?

  • Sugar & Spice Soaps

    that’s nice but I get my organic extra virgin coconut from Costco,
    essential depots shipping is just crazy expensive : /?

  • denise terence

    I feel the same way to when I collect my soap supplies its such a nice
    feeling,.. cant wait to collect my 4 pails of palm oil fro essential
    depot. ?

  • lmturmenne

    Oh, Kim…. I just love watching you in your videos. You get soooo excited
    you fill the video with happiness. Just makes me giggle and grin.?

  • lmturmenne

    Isn’t it amazing how that Essential Depot Fragrance Oil does not affect
    you? Their oil processing must be different, but that’s wonderful. I buy
    their Musk and Allspice Fragrance oil and I love them so much.?

  • beadpoet

    Should we let Randy know that you are having an affair with your Essential
    Depot supplies? or should it just be our little secret? ;)?

  • angelsandfaes

    Kim I love you and your videos. I’m confused about something. Buying some
    things from Essential depot goes totally against common sense.

    Their EV/Organic/CO is so very expensive and it’s currently on sale. Here
    is some math….. soapers choice has what I think is the same product in 7
    lbs so let’s do the math based on 7lbs.

    Soapers choice ev/organic/Co 7lbs – 33.00 + shipping 7.51 = 40.51

    Essential Depot ev/organic cotton 1 lb x 7
    Current sale – 64.96 + shipping 14.06 = 79.02 take away 20% sipping
    discount you get 73.73
    Now if it’s NOT on sale…..
    216.65 + shipping with 20% discount 8.77 = 225.42

    Now I may be slightly off on some of my math as I threw this together
    rather quickly but, wow that’s a huge difference ANY way you look at it.
    And it certainly makes it hard for me to sing their praises on everything
    they carry. Now maybe the quality of their ev/organic/Co is stellar
    compared to soapers choice. I really don’t know but I’m getting ready to
    order from both to find out because that is to big of a difference to

    Now I will definitely recommend to get a lot of their EOs because the
    quality for the price usually out shines most.

    Also I know it is the buyers choice where they get their product and what
    they choose to pay so I am not knocking you for your choices. And many
    people will not be able to buy 7 lbs at a time. That’s understandable. I’m
    just sometimes surprised by the cost difference of things.

    Thanks for the vids Kim and as always girl I love you. You are the one who
    got me started in soaping and I give you huge hugs and love for all you’ve
    done for the soaping community. Xoxoxoxoxox

  • OnlySleeping.

    Is your business, Essential Soap, named after Essential Depot or is it a
    complete coincidence that you two have the same name? ?

  • Mrssoappeddler

    I have been getting my lye from them for quite a while and they are so fast
    at getting it to me….I love that….been using your link too! OXOXOXO!?

  • Soaper's Bakery

    I always want to try their cocoa butter, shea butter, and essential oils!!
    but they can’t ship to Japan… 🙁 ?

  • Kristie Beary

    I love their Lilly of the Vally its my favorite. Sun and Sand is nice for
    beach themes?

  • Jen SoapySuds

    Try mixing the rose garden and green apple. I kept holding my breath every
    time you sniffed FO hoping you didn’t get dizzy or red in the face. Sure
    enough you didn’t. I love how much inventory you have on your shelves. The
    store looks great!! ?

  • Trinada Gooding

    Hi, I have a question what is difference between extra virgin coconut oil
    and 76degrees coconut oil :-)?

  • Bijoux157

    Dearest Kim, you are awesome, I hope you make it so big until you have
    stores all over the place. ( One near me of course)?

  • Charleen Hazard

    Hi! I was wondering if you have ever purchased anything from Wholesale
    Supplies Plus? I am starting a small business myself & I was comparing
    their prices to Essential Depot’s & Wholesale’s products are way less
    expensive and I was wondering if it was due to the quality of their
    products. Thanks & I love your videos!!!?

  • Regina Niebler

    Trinada, there is no difference between extra virgin and 76 degrees, that’s
    just another word more bigger, if someone says extra virgin coconut oil
    there is no difference at all, been making products for so long and just
    thought I would tell you that :)?

  • Scjeherazade Johnson

    Your shop looks great . Where can i buy your are you find cocoa butter
    you’re under in the shea butter and honey .?

  • RedBerry at Homestead Hopes

    I just love spending time with you through your vidoes. Love your
    enthusiasm & excitement. If I ever get the chance to be in your area…I
    will definitely take a trip to your Cornerstone Market. Sure wish I lived
    close enough to take your classes also. I am getting things together to
    attempt my first batch of soap. Keep the videos coming!?

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