Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Broke My Hair Off “BAD”!!!! (pics at the end)

((pics of broken off hair at 2:15)) So i wanted to post this video to let you all know that i have stopped using extra virgin coconut oil..i know ive mentioned it in a few of my videos but ive noticed since using it my hair has broken off significantly.. I did some research to see if this has happened to others and i saw it has so i dont feel so bad..Everyone’s hair responds differently and this really didnt take well to my hair unfortunately. Ive decided to continue using my organic root stimulator coconut oil to grease my scalp.

2 thoughts on “Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Broke My Hair Off “BAD”!!!! (pics at the end)

  • MsOkelani

    Something similar happened to my hair. I started using castor oil before it was too late.? Putting coconut oil is like putting protein into your hair. Too much protein can cause breakage, and cause the hair to become hard.

  • sburke757

    yea thats what i was reading from people who said it broke their hair off..and i definitely believe thats what happened to mine..glad im not alone..it? seems to do wonders on alot of peoples hair..but yes iv started using morracan oil to bring back the thickness.. but my jbco will thicken my sides back up..

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