25 thoughts on “Extra Virgin Coconut Oil & Health Benefits

  • oBostonLvr

    Have you used the coconut oil in your hair? I bought the Morrocan Oil for my hair once but it’s SO expensive! I might have to put coconut oil in my hair every once in a while instead! 🙂 Thanks!

  • MichyGW

    No I have not, only on my skin. However, the friend I’m referring to he is also biracial like yourself and it worked for him. I don’t know if that counts for something.

  • ttopcar

    I’m biracial and I use coconut oil in my hair. I create a blend fo coconut oil, vitamin e, witch hazel and cocoa butter. I posted a video about it on my channel..but I love this oil in my hair.

  • CocoJoesCoconuts

    pure coconut water is really good for you as well… when you drink it it is distributed throughout the body. So you should look into getting organic coconuts (the green ones) and drink the pure organic coconut water for great health! cocojoescoconuts com

  • purplesfla

    u jamaican (jamaica 2 da werl!!!!),yea,i use coconut oil in my hair and it works great…i use the same brand 🙂

  • purplesfla

    yes im jamaican…born and grow but i heard it in ur voice,i.e you dont sound like all the ppl on here

  • MichyGW

    You can try any supermarket or ask. If you have a Jamaican store near you or somewhere accessable to you, they would have it.

  • dyneece

    I have eczema also and that burning sesation is horrible. I use Virgin Organic Coconut Oil on my skin and overnight my skin is back to normal. Thanks for sharing your tips.

  • wallahumustaan

    i was just thinking the same thing…. her skin is marketable 🙂

    I would buy something just because she said she uses it based on how she looks – so healthy, bright, vibrant….

  • melanin12345

    Gorgeous brows! I am part-Jamaican too; my Father is from Port Antonio. My uncle is still in Kingston…do you know any McKenzies

  • poorboy238

    wooow yr so beautiful. i have eczema and tried lots of stuff but after seeing you I’m going to try this coconut oil thing. stay sweet love the video.

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