Fast Facts – COCONUTS!

What do you use Coconuts for? What is your favorite recipe that uses coconuts. Here are some facts about coconuts that i say really fast! MY WEBSITE Music By THIS IS LIFE (find us on Itunes!)

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    25 thoughts on “Fast Facts – COCONUTS!

    • MahaNomi

      @DannyBellon good for me? I’d say so. For everyone. I don’t know.. you have to ask that questions a lil more specifically

    • natureasintended

      I believe that the body still treats raw fat as fat, which includes coconuts and coconut butter. Also, I believe that coconuts don’t digest well with fruit, unless if they’re young coconuts possibly. If anyone eats a high fruit diet, any fat ideally needs to be kept to a bare minimum to avoid problems including blood sugar level problems, fatigue, candida, weight gain, skin problems, etc.
      Otherwise, enjoy your coconuts 🙂 <3

    • hopesolofan18

      i like coconut oil in my soups and sauteed veggies! maybe do honey next or seseme seeds…or miso!!

    • jody802202

      i have read about the benefits including in ww1 used as iv blood replacement straight from coconut!! which im guessing u cant do with any other fruit. i dont really like the taste but force myself to eat and drink especially green young coconut

    • jody802202

      sorry to all thoes mislead as coconut water as a blood replacement, i did mean intraveinous replacement as the water is almost identical to plasma or WHITE BLOOD CELLS

    • HerbalEranah

      My favorite coconut recipe is coconut water + spirulina = elixir of life!!!! Talk about oregano!!!!

    • MarmaladeMonster

      Super interesting!
      I love coconut :3

      You should do beef next! – haha, just kidding- that would be awful D:
      do spirulina! 🙂

    • MyOwnStickFigure

      @jody802202 I have read the same and I can say from personal experience that coconut water and it’s HIGH electroyle content have saved me from multiple trips to the ER for hypokalemia which I deal with on a chronic level and in the past have had to have multiple potassium drips in the ER… Anyhow, I drink 2 coconuts a day and they are GOD send for helping with low potassium levels/hypokalemia

    • MyOwnStickFigure

      Fresh coconut water is my favorite beverage, to drink and for medicinal purposes. I use to make raw smoothies using avocado, raw honey and coconut water with ice in the Vitamix. Simply divine.

      My German Shepherd gets the coconut meat. I go through 2 coconuts a day for the water and he enjoys the meat inside!

      Crazy for coconuts! Thanks for another great video my friend.

    • rodeokitty

      I LOVE COCONUTS – !!!! I use it every day – a tablespoon interenally and it’s my body and face lotion! I buy it for everyone….I’m a coconut oil pusher!

    • rodeokitty

      I LOVE COCONUTS – !!!! I use it every day – a tablespoon a day and it’s my body and face lotion! I buy it for everyone….I’m a coconut oil pusher!

    • BrokenRRT

      @MyOwnStickFigure Our 3 dogs love and go nuts for cocnuts also. We been using them daily and don”t want the meat but it doesn’t go to waste. They think it’s a treat.

    • marilyn2007hendrix

      i would like to use coconut oil to massage your whole body lol…just kidding, cool vid…need to buy some young coconuts n oil xxxxx

    • MyOwnStickFigure

      @BrokenRRT How wonderful! Another thing you can do is freeze it. I go through about 2 a day so I get stuck with the meat and Dante, my German Shepherd, just loves it. Freezing is my last option but if stuck with overload, it’s better than wasting and he loves cold stuff too. What kind of dogs do you have? three is a full house!

    • BrokenRRT

      @MyOwnStickFigure We have 3 small dogs that we own. Chiuhaha, Yorkie, and newest one is a “Chug” or a Chiuhaha Pug mix. Since a child I have almost always owned a German Shepherd or two, they are great dogs. We have a old one(14) here on our land that is on her last leg that belongs to my parents. The idea of freezing the extra accumulation of the meat is great. At times I would rather not have a smoothie with it in there so we get a bit of extra around here. Peace!

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