Fat Burning with Coconut Oil

Visit my blog: controllingthecarbmonster.blogspot.com THANKS TO ALL OF YOU FOR MOTIVATING ME TO STAY ACTIVE Cheesy music! Finally trying to get back to staying active. A tablespoon of coconut oil right before I exercise give me that lasting energy. Next update will be on the supplement 5-HTP- very interesting results!!!! music by-Jason Shaw. Released under Creative Commons license 3.0 audionautix.com http BigCarThef Don’t Stop

17 thoughts on “Fat Burning with Coconut Oil

  • mshealthfirst

    Keep pushing forward Bonnie…. you can get? through anything…. looking forward to your vid on 5-HTP….

  • gastricRose

    Your doing IT!! and that is what counts thank you for your motivation and strength my friend keep ROCKEN it out!!!…..love? ya…love rosemary

  • stephgiggles666

    Hey I was wondering if you r still using truvia?? I was just wondering cuz I looked it up recently cuz I was going to try it? not anymore after doing research on it it has given people some bad side effects like bad breath shoulder and back pain stomach problems ect… I was seeing if you still r using it to see if you had any side effects from using it… I’m just curious cuz if not I might try it out:) thanks

  • macomarell

    Wow, you get around in that place, good workout. Have? you heard of Dona, it sure helps me with knee pain.

  • Bonnie90505

    I find that I rarely use much sweeter except when I make my coconut oil chocolate and I use stevia..but I do? have some generic truvia-I haven’t had any ill side effect..but for sure stay away from splenda-pure chemical and major laxative if you consume too much.

  • Bonnie90505

    thanks…I am seeing for very interesting effects from? 5-HTP…especially carb control and good sleep and happy days!

  • Bonnie90505

    thanks Rosemary…you motivate, support and? share…thats how we do it..right!

  • Bonnie90505

    no, I have not heard of Dona, I will? research that, for sure! thanks -so good to see your are back and getting your plan in order.

  • stephgiggles666

    Thanks Bonnie I’ll definatly stay? away from Splenda then… I have enough problems with having my rare genetic disease and having to be on dialysis I try to stay away from the bad stuff and eat more organic stuff:)

  • QuiltingConnieB

    Awesome Motivation Bonnie you go girl keep up the great Job love you love? connie HUGS

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