6 thoughts on “Fat Can Help You Lose Weight

  • happilyeverafter999

    People needs to realize that we DO need helathy fats. Fats in our body do so many things from helping to keep water in our bodies to lubricating our muscles, bones, ligaments, and organs like the heart. We burn more calories when we get our daily intake of healthy fats.

  • freedietsupplements

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  • auggiedoggy

    Coconut oil was determined “bad” for us for purley financial reasons. Since the low-fat scam began we see more heart disease and obesity. Before that, people ate meats, eggs, cream and cooked with lard and were thinner and healthier.

  • gijoyjoy

    Apparently, the financial reasons weren’t to benefit the “low-fat” industry, but instead after WWII to enhance the production of polyunsaturated fat production of soybean, corn, sunflower and safflower oil. Coconut oil is not readily produced in the States since it requires a more tropical climate. Therefore the financial benefit to the US economy trumped the health benefits of coconut oil. That’s why it is demonized as a saturated fat to promote the locally grown oils.

  • Bijou77

    I’ve started using pure organic unrefined(key) coconut oil and I absolutely notice a change in my metabolism…..For example, I’m totally starving 2 hrs after breakfast. lol! ( I use it to cook my eggs in the am, rather than olive oil.)

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