Fingercoming DRY hair w/ Coconut Oil: Pre-wash Treatment

Detangling can be frustrating and ultimately damaging. Lessen the time and frustration by detangling with your fingers BEFORE you wash. Use coconut oil for optimal pre-wash benefits and to lessen hygral fatigur. For more information on hygral fatigue and coconut oil, visit:

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    10 thoughts on “Fingercoming DRY hair w/ Coconut Oil: Pre-wash Treatment

    • pressed4time

      FIRST! (j/k) i’ve always wanted to be the lame-tard who proclaims their ‘first-ness’ in a comment.
      Great job as always!

    • mahoganybella

      Cool! You’re in England. I would love to visit one day. I’m mad at you for saying do do plats. Lol old school

    • whatgetsonmytits

      @mahoganybella Lol. I had to say it! :o). Any time you are coming my side of the pond, let me know!

    • sexcnappturallesbian

      i saw your story on bglhonline ur a very strong person and your hair is beautiful!! ive never tried coconut oil but i know i need to everyone keeps ravin about it.

    • whatgetsonmytits

      @sexcnappturallesbian Thanks! If your hair likes coconut oil, then it is the bomb! Try it as a pre-poo.

    • whatgetsonmytits

      @sexcnappturallesbian Thank you so much! I hope coconut oil works for you. If not, olive oil can work similarly.

    • lovewater1

      I do the same routine every week. I love to DC with EVCO! It makes all the difference and I can already tell a difference with my hair.

    • Lifeisagift1990

      Nice video. I tried the method with EVOO. It worked very well! My hair like EVCO better than EVOO so I will detangle with EVCO from now own.

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