Food Wars – Coconut Milk vs Dairy Milk vs Soy Milk vs Almond Milk – Live Lean TV

In this Food Wars episode, Brad Gouthro analyzes the coconut milk vs dairy milk vs soy milk vs almond milk debate. Which is healthiest. Please click like, subscribe, and comment on what you want to see in future episodes. For the full synopsis of this video, visit FREE DOWNLOAD – LIVE LEAN FOREVER, 36 page e-book: Please help Brad reach his transformation 10000 mission by sharing these videos. His goal is to transform the health of 10000 people by educating them on how to make healthier food choices and move their body’s more efficiently. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND I’LL KEEP MAKING THESE VIDEOS! FITNESS & NUTRITION BLOG: & http SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW VIDEOS: GET MY PRINTABLE GROCERY LIST: FOLLOW: Get your own TRX here: Pick up the TABATA Interval Timer that I use in these videos at this special link: Be sure to check out my internationally selling book, Awaken The Abs Within, and learn why my 7 secrets can help you lose belly fat, get a flat stomach, and ultimately live a healthier lifestyle. Music From If you don’t know me yet, my name’s Brad Gouthro and I’m a internationally selling author, certified fitness and nutrition professional, public speaker, and model. http Thanks for watching my Food Wars – Coconut

25 thoughts on “Food Wars – Coconut Milk vs Dairy Milk vs Soy Milk vs Almond Milk – Live Lean TV

  • rhiannondoughty

    I still don’t see why cows is so bad, it’s low cal, has more protein, less fat and the sugar content isn’t that high and it’s natural. Fruit has more? sugar than milk and that’s seen as healthy?

  • phantasmoxx

    What about rice milk? I always? see it next to the other non-dairy milks in the stores but I’ve never tried it. Haven’t tried coconut milk either, what does it taste like?

  • coonie18

    As always, great video. Thank you for sharing! I have cut out all drinks from my diet, the only thing I drink other than? water is green tea. What’s your take on that?

  • bradgouthrofitness

    My take on that is…YOU KICK BUTT…that is perfect! Transformation 10,000 in full effect!?

  • bradgouthrofitness

    Rice milk? is better than dairy or soy but I’d prefer you stick with almond or coconut. coconut milk tastes like…coconut 😉 but get the unsweetened one and then add a natural sweetener like stevia if needed.

  • Julisssx3

    on the lemon and water challenge which i cannot find. how long does one have to wait until you eat again??

  • bradgouthrofitness

    to find my lemon water video just put “lemon water”? in the youtube search bar…I think I’m the third video on the list…10 mins is all you need to wait

  • LSE200

    can you talk about warm up and cool down..?when and why?how much time is enough?and what to do as warm up and as a cool down..?
    I know it is a? lot but a got a lot of confusion in this topic
    thanks man you are awesome 🙂

  • 8OBHRZ

    Great video, very informative! In regards to the soy products being bad for you, does that include tofu?? What do you think of rice milk? I usually find coconut milk in cans & its usually used in food, is there a specific kind of coconut milk you recommend? Is there anything else you’d suggest adding to water for extra flavor as an alternative to refreshing fruit drinks/sodas? 🙂

  • bradgouthrofitness

    thanks. yes tofu is? a very processed food so try to minimize or avoid. i’ve never tried rice milk but I’d prefer you stick with coconut or almond milk for the added healthy fats. i actually prefer the taste and texture of coconut milk from a can (I’m not partial to any brand). add lemon or lime to water for a refreshing taste.

  • isos2triple0

    Hi Brad, great video and thank you for doing it ok but what about yogurt and cottage cheese that are made with cow milk???

  • bradgouthrofitness

    I’ve been progressively phasing out yogurt and cottage cheese as well. dairy has been known to cause? inflammation in the body

  • 8OBHRZ

    Oh okay, great to know! Thanks for responding! Looking forward to more of your videos especially about clean, healthy eating 🙂 ?

  • prettygreenglow

    Thanks, Brad. I’m? allergic to dairy and just stopped using soy products last month. I mix both almond and coconut milk with protein powder for my post-workout shake. I bought the powder from Vega per your recommendation, too. Many thanks! 🙂

  • RandiAsh7

    Thanks Brad for the video. I use almond milk now, but I’m curious about coconut milk. Does it have a thick consistency or is? it more runny like almond milk?

  • Pisces Aphrodite

    i have a question.. if? i want to have cereals for breakfast, which one would be the best for me if i am on a diet.

  • bradgouthrofitness

    best cereal? is plain oats (one ingredient) mixed with water or almond/coconut milk, protein powder, fruit, cinnamon, and nuts.

  • bhunnytp

    I live on a tropical island that has a vast amount of coconuts and? just recently learned how to make my own coconut milk with just a blender & a strainer. I basically crack open a coconut every other day, if not every day! and you just reminded me that it’s really worth all that effort. 🙂

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