Fruit Smoothie | Coconut Mango Peach Raspberry

This and more recipes at: This energizing blend can be enjoyed anytime of day. Add banana if you’d like or enjoy as is since Zico coconut water is packed with nutrients and great flavor! Want the Blendtec Blender? Purchase here: Follow on Twitter: Subscribe on Facebook: You’ll Receive: -Free Juice Recipes -Free Healthy Smoothie Recipes -Raw Food Recipes -Weight Loss Tips -Great Entertainment, Motivation, & Inspiration!

10 thoughts on “Fruit Smoothie | Coconut Mango Peach Raspberry

  • angelfire1987

    i love all berries equally i guess, strawberries probably win by a teeny bit? 😛

  • GlitterMamma

    What do you do about the seeds from the raspberries in the drink? I’m not a huge raspberry fan, blended I like them fine but the seeds? ruin it every time!

  • TheFruity44

    i’ve just discovered your channel and i love it! this smoothie is my favorite so far.? thank you for sharing your recipes. i just started blending recently and have a few questions. is a smoothie more an replacement of an meal or a snack? and when is the best time to drink it?

  • BlendHappy

    Thanks for watching! 🙂 You can enjoy a smoothie for breakfast, a snack, or any time you’d like. But It shouldn’t replace all meals unless you are on a 2-3 days pure fruit and veggie cleanse. I’d say the best time to drink a smoothie is anytime? you feel like enjoying one. Try to drink more veggies than fruits. Veggies have amazing healing nutrients and while fruit is good for you, our bodies benefit more from veggies than just fruit drinks. I like combo drinks 🙂

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