Get Soft and Shiny hair with Coconut milk

READ ME!! ???? Hello everyone ! I just want to tell you all that I’ve been very busy lately since I am now a uni student but I will still try my best to…

11 thoughts on “Get Soft and Shiny hair with Coconut milk

  • Lise n.n

    Hey 🙂 How often shoul I do this?
    I know the video says twice a week, but is that every week?
    And is that like… Forever I? should keep doing this?

  • Stelifestyle

    hey, yeah it’s? for each week but it also depends on how it works when you first try it. And no you don’t need to do it forever but just until your hair’s texture gets better 🙂
    for example, you can start by doing it twice a week for the first month then decrease to once a week, then decrease to twice a month..etc…
    I hope it was helpful 🙂

  • LiliyFabulous

    Your hair is SOOOOO THICK AND HEAVY! It look like a wig almost really nice I’m mixed African American/Indian with really thick hair as well. When it was? long people used to think I was wearing a wig it was healthier back then. I’m trying to find natural ways to soften/treat/care for it now given I lost a lot of it from Meds I was taking.

  • LiliyFabulous

    It depressed me bcuz I had to cut my? hair like a boys close cut but during regrowth I used hair/skin/nail pills that truly helped it grow faster within a months time. It also changed the grain of my hair to extremely curly/coarse/dry bush one parts (bak half) was soft n curly the middle n top dry n brittle.

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