Get Your Daily Dosage of Coconut Oil

Visit Dr. Bruce Fife discusses coconut oil and covers how much should be taken each day in order to receive health benefits from it.

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    5 thoughts on “Get Your Daily Dosage of Coconut Oil

    • aaron12345432

      stfu rustambayli, its the truth. try for yourself and eat a spoonful of coconut oil in the early morning. I guarantee you will feel more alive than you ever have especially if you are constantly fatigued like I used to be, before trying coconut oil.

    • Ed Terry

      Dr. Fife makes claims for coconut oil that are not backed by scientific studies. That being said, years ago I embarked on a quest to raise my HDL cholesterol. Every man in my family has experienced either a stroke or heart attack before age 50, and none of them were overweight as I had been as a child (try 60 lbs @ 2 years old)! I initially got my HDL up to 32 by doing about 10 hours of intense cardio per week. After I started taking niacin in 4 gram doses, I got it up to 42.

      18 months ago, I slowly started adding coconut oil and coconut products like coconut chips and coconut milk powder to my diet. Six months after adding coconut oil, my HDL was measured at 70!

      Nowadays, most of the fat I eat is saturated, and half of that is coconut oil. At 5’10” and 185 lbs, once I dropped my calories down to 3,000/day, I started to lose weight. I lift weight for about 1 hr/week, and walk my dogs around 3 hrs/week. This is eating the equivalent of 10 tablespoons of coconut oil per day.

      I also mix coconut oil with neem oil and it makes a great insect repellent.

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