Go Nutty for Coconut Oil!

Hey Girls! Coconut Oil is sooo good for your hair and skin! Here is my review of some products containing coconut oil! Please Rate, Subscribe and Comment! Thanks 🙂

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    25 thoughts on “Go Nutty for Coconut Oil!

    • EnvytoEnergy

      aww thanks for your kind words doll 🙂 honestly i haven’t done anything special to my hair…i just dry it and part it and sometimes i teaze the crown….but nothing else to be honest! I am glad you like it though 🙂

    • EnvytoEnergy

      i have never used coconut oil for dandruff and i don’t thnk it helps it….. as your hair is naturally greasy, i don’t recomment the coconut oil as it will only make your hair even more greasy! You can still use it on your tips as you do already, just avoid your scalp, so that it doesn’t get so oily.

    • RidaNJeda

      Coconut! COCONUT!!! I love coconut and everything made of coconut and everything that contains coconut! 🙂

    • nocturne1980

      I use coconut oil on my locs and it makes them so soft and conditioned. This is the best oil I have found for my hair. It doesn’t moisturize my skin like raw shea butter does ( shea last all day) ..but I love the way it makes my skin smell.

      I use organic extra virgin coconut oil…LOVE IT>

    • Sfkily

      i just bought some coconut oil shampoo, but after watching this im not too sure lol. Other than the fact it doesnt lather well, how did ur hair feel, was it soft, a lil less frizzy maybe?

    • EnvytoEnergy

      it’s true! the shampoo does not lather well which is one of the drawbacks of it…but it definitely made my hair softer and more shiny….

    • EnvytoEnergy

      YES! Coconut oil is AWESOME and great for any age….it makes hair soft and shiny…but remember to only use a very small amount!

    • bangzoom77

      I had been reading about coconut oil for a while now and you are definately right about its great qualities! My only side point is about lather.. most shampoos have that SLS is them (sodium laurel sulfate). This stuff is very cheap and only put in products to create lather. The opponents of SLS say, and i agree, that you dont need lather to clean.. it’s just a commercial selling point to get us to buy their products. So i am getting used to soaps/shampoos without lather.

    • 12quillemall5321

      Thanks to fellow YouTubers I switched from products with mineral oil or petroleum to coconut oil. I no longer have dry frizzy hair. And I have less fallout and breakage. I wish I knew about this before. But I am very happy with the outcome. I like Vatika, or pure virgin cold pressed coconut oil.

      I no longer think lathering is the outcome of washing your hair. It strips natural oil, just for a look. If your hair is too oily use Dr. Bonner magic soap. It cleans all residue.

    • EnvytoEnergy

      it is totally awesome! I have never shaved with it as i am a wax girl myself….but neat that it can be used for shaving as well!

    • bangalibarbie

      lol when u said ur husband surprised u for ur bday n anniversary i thought u were about to say he bought you coconut oil 😛

    • 4190james

      One of the reasons for frizz is the use of sulfates in shampoos. It does clean your hair, but it is also found in things like laundry detergent, and it strips your hair causing things like frizz and breakage. Not good!

    • EnvytoEnergy

      @bangalibarbie lol no that would have been a slight dissappointment though! I am glad he was just a bit more thoughtful than that 🙂

    • EnvytoEnergy

      @4190james that is very true! Sulfates are so bad for your hair and skin…i totally agree! Great point!

    • abcdfx123

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