Granmas Coconut Secrets

In 1978, when when i visited my own home, St lucia, upon an 18 yrs. layoff, I was initially obsessed, in relation to the thing many of us name ‘Jelly Coconut’. That is normally while the actual nut is young. At that time period the nut is actually green & most of us cut’s spoons from the exterior shell, [I’ll make photos later] to pick the the jelly right from nut.Small amount of weeks afterward, actually much more like day’s, the jelly will become much more solid like, untill it becomes to the level termed ‘dry Coconut’ & all set to render oil, sugary snacks,emulsions,shakes, & all kinds more. Sometimes cleansing soap there is therefore a lot to write related to that wonderful plant that i dont; know where to start……..

Ok,In the year 1983 I returned home to remain. I got this remarkable whack on the side of my head….

I thought ; the crucial issue with creativity, is what you do with your know-how!! So I went after coconut with a vengence. In a few of weeks we had something like a gallon of coco oil , 3-4 flavors coco candy, several grated fine, some chopped or sliced, the young children furthermore started using different colours in them. Produced coconut truffles, pastries, put together with cornmeal or casava to bake either cake or bread. We went COCO! lol …. Well up to this present day, all of us employ coconut in every thing we cook or bake. We were smart enough to plant some 13 trees throughout our garden, so we get consistent supply. What makes it actually far more gratifying, is definitely that we even now work with granma systems!!

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