Hair Care Tips : How to Use Coconut Oil in Hair

When using coconut oil in your hair, it’s important to remember that there are several kinds of coconut oils. Discover what works best for your hair type with advice from aprofessional hair designer in this free video on hair care. Expert: Liz Muller Contact: Bio: Liz Muller is the owner of Liz’s Hair Design in Hollywood, Florida. Filmmaker: Paul Muller

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    16 thoughts on “Hair Care Tips : How to Use Coconut Oil in Hair

    • SugarPecanPie

      I just bought some unrefined coconut oil in a container and it is a solid type coconut oil and it doesen’t have that much of a scent to it but I still don’t know how to use it.

    • TropicalTraditions

      ALL coconut oils are solid below 75 degrees, and liquid above that temperature. It does not matter on the brand. Tropical Traditions has an Organic Virgin Coconut Oil specially for hair, with more protein.

    • dhakagod

      thx for the video… but i feel sorry for the expert who doesnt even know that coconut oils freeze easily and become solid … she thought the brand she was using is solid ..heheh

    • BusyBeingFabulous

      You need to do a real good massage after you put the coconut oil in the hair. The way you did it is not very good.

    • micarae

      The “coconut oil” she’s using is solid because it’s not pure CO. It’s more than likely a petroleum jelly-laden grease that is in the family of thousands of other products that the haircare industry pushes onto average consumers who don’t read labels. Pure coconut oil is found online, in health food stores and grocery stores and it says on the label “Virgin Coconut oil” or “refined/unrefined” and the only ingredient is coconut oil. I looked up the one she’s using & it is not pure CO.

    • sheba82377

      that isn’t pure virgin coconut oil, that’s some good old fashion “grease”. it’s best to get virgin coconut oil the kind you cook with is excellent. I can’t live without my coconut oil, it simply melts into the hair.

    • tdottchickk

      Hmm, does it have to say “virgin coconut oil?” I bought one today and it says 100% coconut oil and that’s the only name listed under “ingredients.” It’s solid, but i touched it a little and it melted in my hand. It has no smell and the bottle says it’s ideal for hair and skin. But now reading your comment, i’m wondering if it’s the right one..? Does it have to say virgin or unrefined, as long as it’s 100% coconut oil, it’s good to use…for the scalp n hair?

    • diazragu2010

      its true just buy looking at the texture when she touched it told me it wasnt real coconot oil like it has petroleum in it i watched rosemarylambs video and the coconut oil she used was the real deal

    • goateedswinqer

      True, pure unrefined coconut oil is always a solid though it melts within seconds when held in the hands before massaging through the hair.

    • TRENZ2

      I just bought some coconut oil yesterday and thought I had the wrong stuff because it look solid, but the second I touched it, it melted. That stuff she used didn’t seem to melt.

    • rebarenee7

      I think that she used very little because it looks like the clients hair was already done. I think that she was just demostrating. I was looking at the coconut jar as well and was wondering if it was the right one. Well I am still learning and hoping that these demo’s of hair products will work for my hair without breaking my bank.

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