Hair Product Review Video – Shampoo: Healthy Hair Plus Emu Oil Shampoo

Meet PrettyDimples another one of video bloggers does her first product review. ( is a website for those with curly, wavy and kinky hair and those that want it. Visit our site to discover how to make the most of your curls and get curly hair styles. You’ll find tips and tricks from experts and reviews of hair-care products. You’ll read stories of hair distress that will seem oh-so-familiar, and you’ll be entertained by our little snippets of curlydom. And we hope you’ll share your own stories and advice. We have videos and articles on curly hair how to, product reviews, curly hair styling videos and much more! is a place to celebrate your hair welcome. Her review is of – Healthy Hair Plus Emu Oil Shampoo Description: Emu Treatment Shampoo helps to awaken sleeping follicles for men and women! Repairs dry scalp and dandruff! Emu oil has been recognized as the cosmetic product of the future! You’ll love this shampoo for everyday use! One of our best-selling hair care products! Emu Oil Shampoo is our most popular shampoo for dry, damaged or hard to control hair. Omega 3’s, deep penetrating moisture and anti-inflammatory properties make Emu Oil Shampoo the most effective treatment for rebuilding body and volume while deep cleaning dirt, oil and ibacteria. An effective anti-fungal treatment, Emu Oil is a natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory that soothes scalp irritation

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      @PRETTYDIMPLES01 I love your hair. Can you do a video on how you did that style. I am new to the natural world and you are the first REAL person that I have seen w/a style that I think I can get away with.

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