Hair products for my hair type…Bed Head?

My hair is shoulder length, brown, and very thick. It also seems like a "combination" hair type…using cheap shampoos and conditioners makes my hair EXTREMELY dry, but if I don’t shower everyday my hair becomes oily. Right now I’m using Organix coconut milk shampoo and conditioner, but I’d like to try something different…does anybody like the Bed Head shampoo/conditioner products? I’ve gotten mixed reviews about them. I’ve heard they have sulfate which drys out your hair (don’t want that to happen!), but their new Superstar line is sulfate free. However, isn’t it also a volumizer? And my hair is already veryyy thick, I wouldn’t want it to be any thicker. What about their Moisture Maniac or Vitamin ones?? Help!!

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    One thought on “Hair products for my hair type…Bed Head?

    • catholickid

      I actually really like the John Frieda moisturizing shampoo and and conditioner. It is formulated for dark brown hair, and reflects light. Also, try shampooing every other day. It will take about two weeks for your scalp to adjust, and then you shouldn’t have trouble with oiliness and your hair will be in better shape.

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