8 thoughts on “Hair & Skin Products-Cheap Organic Coconut Oil, Shea Butter…

  • mixedwithcinnamon

    Thank u very much for this vid. This retailer has beat the prices for my local suppliers and I intend to order from them.

  • Auntkekebaby

    That’s why I made the video. Try to order everything all together to make the shipping cost work for you.

  • BeWright7

    Hi, I ordered the organic unrefined Shea butter from them as well but I haven’t received yet? What is your honest opinion about this particular Shea butter? The look, scent and texture etc…. However, do you think that maybe they just weighted exactly 16 ounces before putting it in that chunky jar? I’m thinking that the jar give to appearance there is more in there for your money but not really because of the chunks. Would you do post an in dept review video on this?

  • Auntkekebaby

    @BEAUTIFULHAIR3 What’s the quality of the she butter. Is it mixed with something. A lot of people have been complaining about getting low quality shea.


    @Auntkekebaby you have a choice to get the refined yellow kind that is mix with palm oil, or the white unrefined kind. both are 3.50 a lb! i have the white one and its perfect!!!

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