hCG – Coconut oil? Chocolate Delights?

Question of the day. Can we have Coconut Oil on hCG? How much? for more info check out our page dedicated to this topic on the website. miracleskinnydrops.com

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    25 thoughts on “hCG – Coconut oil? Chocolate Delights?

    • angalimabean

      Thank you Carol- for taking the time for us!! I have been buying the wal-mart Louanne’s coconut oil, so thanks for letting me know I shouldn’t get that kind.

    • andrea7948

      why can’t you use louana’s from walmart? it says pure coconut oil and there is nothing else in the ingredients.

    • CarolEnsminger

      @angalimabean The LouAnn coconut oil is inferior because it is chemically processed and refined with solvents, just like many of the other cooking oils that are sold.

    • Juju4God

      Glad to see you back–love your vlogs–wonderful info. thanks for taking the time. You look wonderful–Blessings

    • HCGBlondeAmbition

      Coconut oil is amazing… I love that brand, too. What would I do without it? I seriously love it and how it makes me feel.Good to see you Carol. Great advice as always! 🙂

    • ca195123

      OMG you read my mind exactly – thanks – by the way I found some good oil at Ralphs organic and no coc flavor. lol. It is so wonderful that you do this

    • nerl83

      Thanks for the info. I’ve read that the use of coconut oil in Phase 2 will make it maintaining in Phase 3 difficult. What are your experiences or what do you have to say about that?

    • CarolEnsminger

      @nerl83 I believe we should all be consuming coconut oil every day. I used in R2 (not R1) and I stabilized much better in R2.

    • mswilliamsa23

      I use Louann Coconut Oil from Walmart and my ketosis is up and I lose a 1lb or more when I use it.

    • republichik

      I have a question: You say that coconut oil is ok in P2 because the body uses it immediately. Even if that is the case, the calorie value of the oil interferes with the calorie limit of the protocol menu. It adds to the 500 calories. P&I says the 500 calories are the limit. So do we need to eliminate other calories to accommodate the coconut oil?

    • morphingTom

      I used some coconut oil in P1 when I needed to “fry” something or as part of chocolate delight. For the most part I lost weight on P1 doing that no issues. Some people report they can’t use it, so all you can do is experiment.

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