hCG diet Protocol treat suggestions. EVCO / MCT oil

WWW.HCGPROTOCOL.COM – low cost kits, collection of how to videos, sterile vials, Asher Harper Study, Pounds and Inches pdf. Check out hCG prices @ http Very low carb – also should work well for the Atkins diet. Apple cinnamon the way a guy would do it… and something a little creative with coconut oil. Assuming you believe the hcg protocol IS a ketogenic diet – you can assist your fat burn with medium chain triglycerides… (MCTs) MCT not only stokes the fat buring furnace, it might also make you feel fuller on less food. EXPERIMENT: test ketones right before eating a cluster – measure ketone level again 2-4 hours later. MY level is usually 40-80mg/dL higher after eating the treat… let’s not forget the antioxident properties of chocolate. Interestingly – MCT can not be converted into stored fat – in fact, the body treats it more like a carb and can use it for instant energy. Daily dose: 2-3 TEAspoonfuls of MCT oil // 2-3 TABLEspoonfuls of EVCO/VCO/CO. The best: MCT oil – .99 for 16oz @ www.vitacost.com (no affiliation, just a great site – check their prices on low cal protein and flavored stevias as well) The runner up: cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil (CPEVCO) Contenders: other types of EVCO, then VCO, then CO… For those tired of salad that enjoy oil and vinegar – you CAN use MCT or coconut oil as part of your salad dressing while on the hCG diet.. With any of the above mentioned coconut products – you don’t want to cook at too high a heat… as shown

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    25 thoughts on “hCG diet Protocol treat suggestions. EVCO / MCT oil

    • AiluMaiden

      OMG! Those were DEEELUSHOUS!!! We each had one Turtle Ketone Cluster last night, and by the next morning I had lost 2 pounds! And my husband lost 3 pounds! And our ketones were up today big time! So you know we’ll be eatin these little puppies every day! Thanks Tim for a great and tasty way to get your MCTs!

    • GyroplaneFan

      Well, after having 2 of these a day for the last few days, my ketones were up, but it seemed my weight loss went down a bit, so I’m going to stop these for now and make them for snack for P3. That way I can eat more than 2 a day and not worry too much about it.

    • delmem

      Hi Terry. Sweet while it lasted though, wasn’t it ?? lol

      After stabilization – try adding unsweetened coconut flakes – and possibly almonds… low carb Mounds/Almond Joy. Down right amazing how good something with so little calories can taste.

    • hcg4T

      Today is my 45th so I decided to make the strawberries and stick a BDAY candle in one today (T shaped candle!)
      I will have to post a photo! Ty for the recipes, Tim.

    • MultiModality

      HOLY Mac Nuts Batman! These things are awesome. Gotta admit, while making them, wasn’t too sure but they taste perfect on the strawberries and in a cluster with macs.

      So, to add data, I lost a whopping 3.2 pounds after eating both strawberries and clustes. Wife loved em and so did my kids (and that’s friggin’ hard to find).

      Used stevia, about 7 packets. Melted the coco oil into the powder so it didn’t quite hit the consistency of icing. Do you liquify the oil first? Microwave?

      Thx Tim

    • delmem

      WHAM ! Ron.

      I usually just work the choc in when the EVCO is the correct consistency. You could warm the oil & fold the choc & sweetener in, then refrigerate until it reaches the thickness you’re looking for to dip with, for a smoother mix.

      If you’re doing gris or b. sticks – could also try dipping those for choc pretzel type treat.

      To liquify I usually sit near a heat source, too high a heat supposedly starts to break down the “good stuff” within the EVCO.

    • tonygambini

      I had some macadamian nuts and my ketosis went up from moderate to large however the next morning I weighed myself and gained about 1lb. My abs are flatter did anyone experience this? Did anyone experience a big drop of weight after the initial gain from the nuts?

    • courtneyyjayy

      I just made the “crustless apple pie” it was delicous. I’m going to try the clusters 😉

    • delmem

      As with most non list foods – should try 1-2 TBSP and see what the scales say the following day. Depends how you react to them. Current feedback – close to 90% do well with EVCO, close to 70% do alright with the mac nuts.

    • AnthonyJoann1

      Delmem! you are the GOD of food! I made both of these today and they were spectacular!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • losingitinaz

      I cannot believe that I made chocolate candy right now. It is so good! And it is allowed???? I’m about to find out tomorrow. I just made it now, and I’m gonna see what happens tomorrow. I ate two strawberries dipped in the chocolate plus another small cluster with the nuts. Probably should have kept them separate, in case there is a negative reslt, I would know which combination did it. but still, wow! I can’t believe this is happening. I thought I was going to die without my chocolate!

    • tennis2me

      these are so great especially for me now on round 4 and struggling, even if I eat a few I still do better then if I eat sugar and other bad things!!!

    • 1Valinor1

      Could you take this recipe and combine it with the Cinnimon oopsie muffins you made and make like a pie or cobbler? I have not made any variation of the oopsy so i dont know if the apple would cause the mffins to drop too much. Your Ideas?

    • delmem

      Interesting – feel like exploring ? Could try adding/coating apple cinnamon with the whites, think they’d be pretty flat if you added on top but that might make sort of an apple cinnamon pancake.. If those don’t pan out – would just bake the oopsies – and make sort of an apple butter spread to top with.

    • Neicydnel

      Good stuff, I have been on a two day stall and I will see if these do the trick. I will post tomorrow. My ketones only measured a trace today so I will report that as well.

    • Neicydnel

      Well I did break the stall. I was down 1.2 today. Also my ketones went from Trace to 40 (moderate), very impressive. Thanks Delmem

    • breninarian

      Thank you so much! Today is my birthday, and thanks to you I’ll be able to make myself a treat that (hopefully) won’t mess me up too much.

    • angelhoney08

      oooh choco i just strated my diet and wonted me sume stuff to help spice up the recipes i been doing good on no cheats yet but the list so small nice to have vartie.

    • carmelsutra69

      The apple one is awesome… It does make your whole house smell so good! Thanks so much! : )

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