HEAL CAVITIES With Coconut Oil!!

Here I share with you another healthier, much cheaper way to heal your cavities, tooth decay and gum diseases- not to mention many other ailments thru this a…

25 thoughts on “HEAL CAVITIES With Coconut Oil!!

  • Valhalla Soap Company

    Thank you for sharing your experience with this method Andulairah. I’ve
    been reading about it lately but it’s nice to actually hear from someone
    that it doing it. I have a cavity that is causing me quite a bit of pain
    and I really can’t afford the hundreds of dollars I was quoted to have it
    fixed. So I’m going to give this a try. ?

  • Bubba James

    I like to do the coconut oil pulling, before I go to bed. I figure im not
    eating for 6-8 hours, So it can heal more, I also use , do a Soda ash, Food
    grade peroxide,sea salt mouth wash, and it works great ,too?

  • neptuniumforest

    The only problem is organic coconut oil is rather expensive. But this
    sounds exciting. I’ve been doing it the past two days since u posted :)?

  • Mark C.

    Is this safe of silver fillings & crowns? Be reading up on oil pulling & it
    causing fillings & crowns coming out.. ?

  • Larry Zyk

    I do love your videos but being in Dentistry for 20 years, your teeth are
    only porous on the first layer, that’s why teeth whitening is possible.
    Only, if you have soft decay on your teeth, its possible for the oil to get
    into the many layers depending on how bad the decay is. Ex. Like a rotten
    apple, the whole apple in still intact but part of it is mushy. I don’t
    advise NOT brushing your teeth. Everyday, every-time you eat and sleep you
    get bacteria in your mouth, which turns into plaque. If you don’t remove
    this plaque by brushing and flossing, you get cavities and gum disease. ?

  • Raina Baecere

    I agree! We need to get rid of all the chemicals they are trying to kill us
    with. I am switching to honey as a sweetener. Sugar is a poison. It
    extracts/leeches minerals from the body and leave it in a worse state.
    Honey adds minerals and beneficials to the body.?

  • gina fisichelli

    I also grind 1 eggshell in smoothies & fresh juicies. I use vegetarian
    eggs. It is very good for regrowing teeth.?

  • Luna Royale

    Thank you for the wonderful insight! I’m a huge fan of sweets (snickers and
    skittles) and my teeth are super sensitive. I will try this.?

  • Funny0Grrrl

    Im going to try this, I have a few cavities popping up and my dental plan
    at work is only enough to cover one cleaning a year, so Im up the river.
    Thanks for the informative video!?

  • Irene Young

    Thank you so much for your kind information. What music are you playing in
    the background. It is lovely. xx?

  • MsHealthAndWellness

    Great vid Thanks for Sharing. Coconut oil is the best! I use it for hair,
    body, and cooking (iherb.com free coupon code BUS229 $10 off your first
    order of $40 or more OR $5 off your first order of less than $40 share this
    promo code with your family & friends)?

  • esstargazer

    I was wonder if you can do an update on your progress, Is your cavity
    healed and there new things you have learned by oil pulling,?

  • VibratoryExistence

    For what it’s worth, pulling is most beneficial especially in the morning,
    also the afternoon, due to the fact that those are the times that the
    bacteria is at it’s highest levels in mouth. If you’re getting results,
    then you’re getting results, no arguments here. Just consider that it’s a
    known fact that the levels of bacteria in the mouth are the highest in the
    A.M. Just food for thought. Namaste?

  • Ronnie Mead

    take it a step further and gargle with sole made with Himilayan Sea Salt
    after oil pulling and since you have a sweet tooth indulge in xylitol
    sweetner and xylitol gum you will speed up the healing of your cavities.?

  • Joe Mauro

    She’s so beautiful, smart and funny. What a great person to share her story
    and help people!?

  • Bongtasia

    I keep wondering why on earth they sell toothpaste when it isn’t the thing
    that works best. Coconut oil gets our skin, inside and out, cleaner than
    anything. Even soap really doesn’t clean or disinfect. Coconut oil does.
    lol I pwn my ph levels with it “hehe”, my secret I am proud to share.?

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