Health and Coconut Oil

Just a short update on my health and the benefits of CO. Also a short review of the book, “The Coconut Oil Miracle,” by Bruce Fife. Note the book does contain recipes using coconut oil. I forgot to mention that in the video. 🙂

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    25 thoughts on “Health and Coconut Oil

    • mollybcutie2000

      How does the coconut oil taste? Is it supposed to help make you go potty or something? cause i’m in need of something that will help … make me more regulare :o) yes i share TMI too :o) keep up the good work sweetie! Molly

    • xf89

      Thanks, Molly! The extra virgin coconut oil has a coconut taste to it, but refined has no taste. It is supposed to help regulate your bowels, and especially help with constipation. I’ve been told it levels out so that you will be more regular though instead of ‘cleansing’ you out…lol. Another idea is Fibercon tablets if you need regularity in that area. I used to take them for my irritable bowel syndrome. Now that I’m doing low-carb, I’m actually more regular. Take care! 🙂

    • mollybcutie2000

      thanks for the tips .. I’ll be checking that out soon. maybe i can add it to my smoothies :o)

    • xf89

      You are welcome! Many people add it to their smoothies. I just don’t make anything like that so I take it straight up! LOL!

    • 4evasugarfree

      Mix together, firm coconut oil,sugar free cocoa powder,sugar substitute and roasted sug free shredded coconut .Spoon into balls,roll in cocoa powder and chill until hard. YUMMY!

    • bowulf

      Good to hear about the iron and feeling better.

      I definitely have switched to coconut oil as my flavor oil of choice. Not into it raw except the occassional bark, but I hope it works for you.

    • tastygarlic

      Sweetie – Coconut Oil is a saturated fat, like butter, lard and animal fat…

      The trace components within the coconut oil may be helpful, but the fat-solids are really working against your efforts…

      Try a different laxative. Use U.S.P. Mineral Oil in small amounts – maybe even use it on your dry feet, ect…

      Find out what it is that the coconut oil contains/emulsifies, and just take those trace components in suppliment or other form…

    • SuperDreamboat

      “Tastygarlic” You are mistaken. Yes it’s a saturated fat but not like butter and lard. It is a different type of saturated fat, as opposed to the animal fats, coconut oil is very healthy and drastically reduces bad cholesterol. Just look at the health problems (or lack of) where coconut is used everyday in natural diet.. All the best.

    • Bastette24

      If you have really dry skin, you should look into getting organic unrefined shea butter – I use it for my hair and dry/itchy spots on my skin and it works like a miracle!!

    • julianraw

      hello, very late post to your vidoe but dry skin and scalp is related to diet, your body is to acid, also a deficiency of omega 6 fatty acids has been correlated with atopic eczema, dry skin,scaling, and cracking skin, and some forms of acne. Hemp seeds, and hemp seed oil being one of the greatest sources of omega fatty acids and protein will solve your problem, also i would like to reccomend that you get MSM or methyl-sulfenal-Methane which is a organis sulfur. Sulfur will heal all skin issues


      @tastygarlic your wrong read about coconut oil before you type about it! its the only healthy saturated fat…it helps burn fat and it has tons of health benefits

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