Health Benefits of Aloe Vera Discover the great health benefits of aloe vera! Known as the “first aid” plant, aloe vera is taken from the inner leaves of the plant. It is used widely for its health benefits, it has been clinically proven to cure skin disease, sun burn, prevent wrinkles; cure various digestion and intestinal diseases, and allergies. It also boosts immunity and improves overall quality of life. Aloe Vera is regarded as the secret of Cleopatra’s beauty and it has been used by Alexander the Great to treat his wounded soldiers.

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    12 thoughts on “Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

    • spawndewd

      i bet the worm at the end has more healing properties.
      i’ve tried aloe for just about everything and never ever noticed anything significant. ever.
      sorry, maybe i am unresponsive to it.
      looks cool growing in my planter tho. that’s about it.

    • MrAloeVera

      the effectiveness of aloe vera depends on the specie of aloe, how it’s grown, how is the juice harvested, how mature is the plant when the juice is extracted and how often and for what purposes it is being administered.

      it can be used both internally and externally.

    • hughwillan

      aloe vera based health products are now available in the uk at pro-ma, if interersted the number is 0845 345 0075

    • buhleke

      Aloe Vera is the best when I grew up in South Africa in a small village Aloe was the only remedy for every sickness. Recently I decided to use it as an adult in the UK and the acne that I’ve been suffering from since I was a teenager, simply disappeared over night following the application of aloe vera cream on my face. I’m so so excited to tell everyone about this natural herb.

    • spazticbert88

      o that’s cool. yeah, i’ve been using pure aloe vera straight from the plant. it works really well too.

    • 10tarantula10

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